The Top 10 Performs Tonight On American Idol 2013

American Idol 2013 Top 10 singers

The lights are ready to go up on tonight on the American Idol 2013 stage when this season’s top ten finalists come out for what feels like the first real round of the competition.

There’s an incredible mix of talent that sets this year apart from recent seasons which should make for some exciting performances. With no WGWG in sight we’ll have to either wait for Paul Jolley to learn how to play one or we’ll finally be seeing a different kind of singer win this year.

The theme this week on American Idol 2013 is ‘Music of American Idols’ which means we’re expecting the Top 10 finalists to perform songs already covered in past seasons by previous Idol winners though we’re wondering if that could include post-Idol songs. We’ll know more later today as details leak.

We could also be in for a surprise from past Idol performers, according to MJsBigBlog who caught on to past Hopefuls discussing what sounds like an upcoming appearance on stage for tonight’s show.

Join us tonight and check back in throughout the day for any more spoilers or early details where hear for tonight’s American Idol 2013as we live recap all the events. We’ll see you then!




  1. My top pick is Kree, but I also love Janelle, Candice and Lazaro. Also like Devin. Good group this year!

  2. Now Hold it!!! Wgwg????
    stands for white guy with guitar, are’nt this a little racist???

      • Matt, I applaud your standing up against false accusations of racism, but I wish you would have given me and others a word of support when I admonished a commenter a couple of weeks ago for accusing other commenters of making racial remarks. In any case, Its good to know that you dont condone that sort of thing on your blog.

      • Jeff, sorry I missed the previous situation. With so many posts and comments it’s very difficult for me to see every conversation and respond.

        You are always welcome to “Flag” comments for review or contact us via the Contact page for assistance in the case of issues like that.

      • I appreciate you responding and I will follow your advice. Thank you and please keep up the insightful and entertaining articles.

  3. 1st for the wgwg??
    kris allen didnt play his guitar much,
    neither did scotty mccreery,
    also kris allen, scotty, lee, david cook, and phil arent excatly the same time music, this sounds racist and disrespectful,
    could it be that they where the best?

    • We can see you’re the same person as above but just using a different name. And nope, it’s neither racist nor disrespectful. Time to move along and find something better to be outraged over.

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