American Idol 2013 Top 10 Week Theme Is ‘Music Of American Idols’

American Idol 2013 Top 10 finalists

The American Idol 2013 Top 10 week theme is going to be “Music of American Idols” which means we’ll be hiring the hits from the very best Idol has to offer. The singers will be able to reach back over the past eleven seasons and cherry pick their favorite songs from their favorite past winners. No word if each of the Top 10 finalists will be assigned a specific winner or if they can double up on one. I’m kind of hoping we’ll get ten Lee DeWyze performances. Fingers crossed!

The Top 10 finalists will perform “Music of the AMERICAN IDOLs,” which includes songs performed by any past IDOL winner.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, March 14th 2013, as America finds out who received enough votes to continue in the competition and who will be sent home. In addition, world-renowned rock group Bon Jovi will perform their lead single “Because We Can” and quadruple-platinum, Billboard chart-topper and AMERICAN IDOL winner Phillip Phillips will perform “Gone, Gone, Gone,” the second single from his debut album.

That’ll be fun to get Phillip Phillips back on the stage and probably just as well he’s not doing “Home” again because that performance last year had so much emotion that I imagine it’s hard to recreate all that a season later.

Hopefully between now and Wednesday’s live performance show we’ll get some song list leaks for a little good ol’ American Idol spoilers. Considering the finalists can perform not only a hit song from the past winner, but also a song sung by that winner while on the show will make predicting song choices pretty difficult. Seems like they’d have enough options to keep it to just the winner’s hit songs, but I appreciate American Idol 2013 working to avoid boxing in any of the artists more than they have to.

What do you think of the theme for this week on American Idol?

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  1. would love to see a james bond week.there’s a great bunch of super songs in that catalog from top notch performers…mccartney, duran duran, adele, to name a few.

  2. Big mistake that they didn’t bring back the Wildcard thing, this shows that “The Voice” is doing it better. America only voted Lazaero in for his sad story and disability, tho those 5 girls can really sing great while just 3 of those guys can sing good.

    Not gonna watch AI anymore since that took out Wildcards…lame and dumb.

    • they’re pushing for a girl to win it this season. too many talentless wgwgs from the last few seasons.

      • something they should’ve done last year. If only jessica sanchez is in this batch, it would have been interesting to see Jessica & Angie in the finale…This would definitely win back a lot of former idol fanatics

      • it was jessica’s to win. too bad there were so many haters out there last season. in the interim, who will still be performing 20 years from now…p2 or jessica???

  3. I have a strong feeling that Angie Miller will sing Home by Phillip Phillips, of which she has a fantastic cover on YouTube.

  4. I suggest that Burnell Taylor sing “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson to push him move his body, legs, not just stand on his feet moving only his arms. Kris Allen did this song in season 8.
    I like someone to sing “No Boundaries” by Kris Allen; Janelle Arthur seems to be fitted to sing this song.
    Curtis Finch picks any song Ruben Studdard performed.
    Paul Jolley picks David Cook’s “This is the Time”, because I think he is very likely to become the winner.
    Kree Harisson picks “You’re still the one” by Shania Twain as Lee Dewyze performed this song in season 9.
    Lazaro Arbos can try “Flying Without Wings” by Westlife which was performed by Ruben Studdard in season 2 or he may also try “Trouble” performed by Taylor Hicks in season 5.
    There are so many songs to offer, indeed. This week’s theme is very interesting

  5. Devin Velez can try “You are so beautiful” that Taylor Hicks performed in season 5. After Taylor Hicks performed this song, Simon Cowell said : “Taylor, for me, that was so far and away was your best performance so far”.

  6. Candice Glover or Amber Holcomb may try “Living for the City’ performed by Taylor Hicks in the season 5 finale, but I prefer they sing Siobhan Magnus’s version of the song.

  7. I wanna hear Kree singing a Carrie Underwood song 😀 Then Amber could maybe get a song from Jordin Sparks and Candice for Fantasia I guess? :3

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