What Happened To Nicki Minaj Tonight On American Idol 2013?

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

Were you wondering why was Nicki Minaj late tonight on American Idol 2013? Well get in line because so were the millions of other viewers tonight and probably a lot of FOX production behind the scenes as the show kicked off tonight with one empty chair.

From the very start of tonight’s Top 10 performance show it was clear that Nicki Minaj was no where to be seen. Host Ryan Seacrest joked with judges Keith Urban and Randy Jackson that one of them emptied the gas from her tank and gave her the wrong directions to the show. Turns out it wasn’t anything like that.

Nicki Minaj was late to tonight’s American Idol 2013 because of traffic, the polarizing judge announced on Twitter:

The tardy singer arrived wearing a black hoodie, far from her usual styling, and likely due to being too late for hair & makeup to do their magic.

Of course there’s always the chance that this was just manufactured drama and Minaj was hiding back stage all that time. What do you think was going on tonight on American Idol 2013?




  1. so you leave alot sooner than you need too anyone that lives in so. cali knows this she needs to go, I hate stupid drama

  2. Whatever reason she looked ridiculous with the hoodie over her head and dark sunglasses on inside. And she looks ridiculous with a blonde wig on all the time. Beside she has shown she cannot judge singing talent. I hope they boot her and Mariah off.

  3. I love nicki as a judge! Tired of seeing Mariah’s “i’d rather be somewhere else,” expression.

  4. When Nickie Minaj was first revealed as a judge, I was not impressed. But, now I love the comments she gives the performers. Probably the best judge this year, in my viewpoint. And she has a very cool sense of humor as well. In fact, the entire judge line up is much improved over seasons past. Somehow, even Randy Jackson has vastly improved. As he has toned down his corny catch phrases … “Yo, yo, yo, can sing the phone book and in it to win it“ sayings he always over used. Keith Urban is last years Steven Tyler … but so much better. As Steven ran out of interest half way through the season and it showed with his repetitive “simply beautiful” comments. Mariah Carey is the sweet, nice judge. Much like Paula Abdul … Minus Paula’s airhead wackiness.

  5. Let’s face the truth about this year’s judges.
    I Love Randy.
    Keith seems like a nice guy with nothing to say.
    Mariah also seems nice with nothing to say.

    Nicki is a disgusting, low IQ waste of flesh. She doesn’t even look human. Being nice I would say that she looks like a mannikin, but what she really looks like is a Blow-Up doll. Her comments are downright stupid and insulting to the audience. GET RID OF HER if you do nothing else.

    Bring back Jennifer & Steven along with Randy. They were great together.

  6. I say bring the Judges from the Voice to Idol then you would have real judges.

  7. Take Nicki, gather up all her fake a&& wigs and eyelashes, her fake attitude and wrap her up in them and send her back to where ever she came from! No talent! No looks! Bad attitude! Goodbye and Goodriddens to Nicki!!

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