Who Is Going Home On American Idol 2013 Top 10?

Paul Jolley on American Idol

The American Idol 2013 Top 10 took to the stage Wednesday night and the girls outshined the guys, which is what producers are going for, so they should be happy about that.

And I think they’ll be very happy when the first person to be vote off the show Thursday night is a guy. I have a strong feeling one guy in particular will be saying goodbye. Every season I share my thoughts on how I think the votes might go after a performance night. These thoughts are NOT my opinion, but how I think America will vote. Up until this season, I’ve tacked these thoughts onto my recap posts, but since those are now live, my thoughts will stand alone in a weekly feature. Starting now.

How I think the votes could play out (Scenario 1)

100 percent Safe: Angie Miller, Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb

Most Likely Safe: Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur, Lazaro Arbos, Burnell Taylor, Paul Jolley

Possibly The Bottom Two: Devin Velez and Curtis Finch Jr.

Mosty Likely Going Home: Devin Velez

Scenario 2

Possibly The Bottom Two: Devin and Amber

Most Likely Going Home: Devin

My Thoughts: Regardless of the scenario, I think Devin will be heading home. If not Devin, then Curtis. I put Amber in the bottom two in the second scenario because I had her going home first regardless until they put her in the pimp spot Wednesday night with a Kelly Clarkson song. I think that was Idol’s way of making sure the girl most likely to go home stays, sending the first guy out.

I’m telling you, Idol is VERY calculated this season. Not only did they pull that trick of putting Amber last, but they put Lazaro right after Candice. All because Lazaro is probably the most popular guy and him following her will deflect voters from him. Very interesting things to think about this season.

What do you think of my assessments? Who do you think will be going home?




  1. To me it would be sad to see Devin go. He brings something unique, I enjoy his performances, and it seems like he will only get better. I’m not one to be negative about someone who is out there trying so I’ll say generally that I think one of the other guys is going home.

  2. lazaros will be out ! He did well to reach the Top 10.I also predict all 5 guys to be out beofre the all 5 girls!

  3. The two worst vocals of the night were Curtis and Lazaro. I’m not a fan of Curtis and I hope it is him who goes home…but honestly, his vocals were not up to par as they usually are and he definitely missed his final note. I like Lazaro, but I actually had to fast forward through his performance it was so bad.

    Based on last night’s performances, none of the girls even deserve to be in the bottom 3. I know everyone keeps talking about how calculating this season is and that may be true…but let’s face it, all 5 of these girls are just better than the guys.

    • Yes, people do talk about how calculated this season is and part of that is the producers trying to fool us into believing the girls are SOO much better than all the boys. While yes, a few of the girls are quite good, not all are better than all of the boys. In fact, if you compare these girls to the girls from a different season, like last year’s or the year before that for example, they don’t nearly come close. Honestly none of them come close to singers like Jessica Sanchez, Haley Reinhart, Pia Toscano, Elise Testone, and CERTAINLY these girls are nowhere near Carrie or Fantasia. It’s all the hype that AI is dishing out that has messed with our heads.

  4. Devin, burnell, and Jacob Lusk ooopppsss i mean curtis finch jr,
    will be the bottom 3

  5. Lazaros is leaving us tonight,
    the fact is the only reason he has made it this far, is cause he has the studdering problem, yes its sad, but should that really get you in the top 10?? the guy has no range. and is the worst singer in the competiton as of now.

    • Stuttering or stammering. I think he had much better performances at the beginning of the competition, but maybe it only seemed that way compared to the singers he sang before and after during those earlier performances.

  6. Judging by what the judges want Janelle, Lazros, and devin will be the bottom 3. judging by if the people gets what they want devin, lazaros and curtis will be bottom 3

  7. i think lazaros is leaving us tonight,
    either him or devin, devin really aint that good of a singer,

  8. Devin & Lazaros is to much alike
    Burnelle & Curtis is to much alike
    Amber & Candice is to much alike
    Paul & Kree is to much alike.
    the only 2 that stands out to me is janelle & angie.
    hopefully devin burnell candice and kree will all go home.

    • Candice going home you sure not in your right senses when it comes to real singing and music

  9. I’m not a fan of Amber but I think she’s a strong competitor. I loved her rendition of Whitney’s I believe in you and me. But her performance of a Kelly’s song didn’t wow me that much. I think she can do better than that. Well, a girl would possibly win this season because I don’t find a WGWG this season.

  10. Think Braden got it all wrong about Amber – selection of song – performance – why she was last to sing – even Nikki got it right this time. Look for Amber to sing no. 1 next week – AI hasn’t gotten that dirty.

  11. Braden Amber in the second scenario bottom 3 no way, there will be three boys in the bottom three, and even if there is one girl in the bottom three it will not be Amber but it will be the country singing girl and two guys none of the guys will be Curtis.

  12. Interesting that voting here has the girls 1 through 4 for best performance last night. Only Janelle not over 10%. I’m not going to be popular but I think Janelle is in trouble. If not tonight but sooner rather than later.
    I see it this way. Bad song selection to begin with. The round of 40 and 20 her songs were just mediocre. I believe Randy noted the limited range of last nights song. Some singers are listening to the advice, not Janelle! How many times does she need to be told Patsy Cline and old school country!!! How many freaking times! Kree knocks crying out of the park and Janelle sings Gone! It will happen for her soon unless she starts listening.
    Tonight should see one of the guys going. That said I’m less confident about who it will be than others here. Curtis, Devin and Lazarus seem the weakest last night but fan bases might let someone else make the bottom three. My gut says Curtis rather than Devin. Though I think that the Spanish singing aside he does not have the star factor IMO. Of the guys I think only Paul Jolly should have slept well last night.

  13. We just love the purity of Janelles voice. She’s just a country girl through and through.

  14. I might be the only one who thinks the guys are actually more interesting (except for Angela & Candice).

    And I think you guys are too hard on Curtis just because his smirk is weird. He actually listens to Jimmy and did the least church-y performance of his own. It didnt hit climax but is still satisfying and by no means shabby

    Meanwhile, Burnell turned that gibberish of a song into a decent, good-enough performance that would surely land him in the safe zone.

  15. I think the bottom 3 will be Curtis, Janelle, and Devin and sadly ending with Devin going home. It’s sad because I thought Devin did a wonderful job last night and his performance was underappreciated.

  16. Amber has the rest, she acts as she sings, she puts together a stage show similar in effect to Phillip Phillips, it’s art. She totally has the facial control and domination of our attention similar to David Byrne when he sings. And then with absolute ease and a sense of professionalism pulls off notes that make you cry. If she doesn’t do top 3, I will be so disappointed but completely surprised. She is messing with our minds as she sings,……beautiful girl too 🙂

  17. Nicki’s comments are so damn annoying.

    “Mm gurl you walk so good in dem heels”
    “umg wafflez”
    “u look so dayum sexay today”
    “u single?”
    “umg, you look mihty fien today”

    This is basically what she says almost every freakin night.



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