American Idol 2011 Austin Auditions Episode Tonight

Update 3: So that apology was probably just a big joke. Check out the video below. Yes, that’s where the clip ends and they go to the intro video. It’s not cut off.

Update 2: Join us in the Idol Chat room to discuss tonight’s show live!

Update: Rumor now has it that the apology at the start of the show will be for Steven Tyler’s behavior last week on the show. If that’s true, then why? Those events happened months ago and could have been easily edited out of the episode. If that’s really the reason behind the producer’s apology, then it’s a publicity stunt. Thoughts?

Catch a deep breath and then get ready for American Idol to hit the road again because tonight marks the half way point through the auditions. For a moment there I thought Idol had finally thinned the auditions down to three weeks, but nope, this will be week three of four and it starts in Austin, Texas.

Unlike the past two weeks, this Wednesday night show will only last an hour so be ready at 8PM for what Idol is billing as “Texas sized talent.” Of course they make sure to say that line with a big girl on-screen (see what they did there?) but can this crew from the Lone Star State outshine what we’ve seen before this season?

Allegedly, eleven of tonight’s hopefuls will eventually make it on to Hollywood while five of those few are expected to be part of the American Idol 2011 Top 40.

Also worth noting that Ryan Seacrest went to Twitter yesterday to announce the producers will be making an apology at the opening of the show. What do you think they should apologize for? Seems kinda late for saying sorry over letting Paula go!

Bonus Update: Did you know you can get free downloads of the songs you’re hearing during the Idol auditions? RealNetworks gives out $10 in free MP3s through Rhapsody just for checking out their free trial of SuperPass (14-day free trial period).

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