American Idol 2011 Finale Results Show Tonight and Winner Predictions

Update: USA Today says 122 million votes last night. 6+ avg. votes per viewer.

We’re just hours away from finding out who won American Idol 2011. While we wait lets take a run through the winner predictions and see where we all stand.

Last night the judges called it for Lauren after giving her seven of the nine “Round votes.” Randy and JLo each gave Scotty one Round vote while Steven Tyler put all of his support behind Lauren.

Branden noted that while he preferred Scotty it was looking like all the show’s manipulation to push voters to Lauren would probably work. That’s another vote for Lauren Alaina to win this season of Idol.

All season long your votes in our polls have kept Scotty well ahead of Lauren. Sure, our unofficial polls were wrong with James, Pia, and Haley’s eliminations despite out-ranking Lauren but I’ve got faith in you all. This week’s results, see below, show nearly a 2:1 lead for Scotty McCreery.

Don’t forget Dial Idol which took a hit this year with the introduction of online voting via Facebook, but based on their testing methods they’re calling it for Scotty by roughly a 3:2 margin.

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by productions pushing and shoving of Lauren!-Lauren!-Lauren! down our throats, but I’m standing strong against it. With three straight years of a guy winning this competition I’m not convinced Lauren can overcome the odds. My prediction goes to Scotty McCreery for the win.

We’ll know soon enough, but in the meantime be sure to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on who will win and why.