American Idol 2011 Finale Show Performances

Tonight is the very last episode of the American Idol 2011 season and in an effort to make up for last night’s snoozefest we should be getting one heck of a finale show in true Idol fashion, but without last season’s winner…

While FOX has been fairly tight-lipped about who will be on the show (because we all know interest and anticipation are the last thing you want for your big show, right??) there have been lots of leaks and tips. Considering last night’s 7% drop in ratings over last year’s finale show (the very same “last year” that produced the worst sales ever with its winner…) they should be doing everything they can to promote the show.

Here’s what we know so far for finale show performances, allegedly of course as FOX won’t confirm bookings:

Carrie Underwood returns to sing alongside Lauren Alaina while Scotty will duet with Tim McGraw. Lady Gaga will perform “Edge of Glory.” Bono and The Edge will be doing some of their songs from the Spider-Man Broadway show.

Pia Toscano will have a duet with Charice while, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if true, Jack Black teams up with Casey Abrams. Haley Reinhart’s parents let slip a rumor that she may end up doing a performance on tonight’s finale to debut her first single, but others report it’ll be a duet with Tony Bennett. Even James Durbin gets a power performance. He’ll join forces with Judas Priest. No word on that Steven Tyler and James Durbin duet discussed earlier in the season.

The Top 13’s girls will team up with Beyonce while the Top 13’s guys will join forces with Tom Jones… Wait, what? Sure, Jones is worthy of the finale but no one semi-modern was available? Anyway…

Then there’s the judges table who will offer up a rendition of “Dream On” by Steven Tyler minus Aerosmith and JLo may have a duet with her husband Skeletor Marc Anthony.

Oh, I can confirm who will not be performing tonight. Lee DeWyze was most definitely not invited to perform on this season’s finale show. DeWyze confirmed the news while his album sales predicted it.

So yeah, lots going on with tonight’s show. Hopefully most of those are true and there’s even more we don’t know about just yet.

Which guest performer are you most excited to see on tonight’s American Idol finale?

Source: THR