American Idol 2011 Finalists Results Show Tonight – Update

Tonight on American Idol the 2011 Finalists will be revealed with a 2-hour results show. Yes, you read that right, 2 full hours of drawn out results and commercial breaks at just the right moment, or possibly something much more exciting!

The top five vote-getters from both the Top 12 guys and the Top 12 girls will be automatically sent to this season’s coveted finalists spot, but it’s not over just yet for the other 14 singers. Instead there will be a series of wildcard saves decided upon by the judges to keep a little balance between what production wants and what America wants, assuming we make a mistake or two.

Presumably there will be some serious “sing for your life” moments if this plays out with those bottom 14 singing for a still unknown quantity of Judges’ Picks. Hopefully that will happen and this will be an exciting 2-hours of American Idol, or else we’ll have Ryan delivering the results… right after this commercial break!

Don’t forget that you can download all of this week’s original artists’ performances on iTunes or you can get them for free when you get Real’s SuperPass free trial.

It’s time to name your favorite for who will be moving on and predict who will be going home tonight. Leave your thoughts in the comments and be sure to see what everyone is thinking after this week’s Top 24 performances.

Update – Joe’s Place is reporting that there will be no Wild Card reveals tonight. Instead we’ll just get two hours of results revealed. Then next week the Top 24’s “Bottom 14” will return to sing for their Idol life, but not your votes, because that’ll be handled by the judges. As always, until it happens it’s speculation, but that sounds pretty believable to me.