American Idol 2011: Milwaukee Audition Afterthoughts

It’s the land of the big cheese and American Idol 10 stops by in order to find a few singers to send to Hollywood.  They get their wish and 53 contestants receive a golden ticket in the hopes of pursuing their dream.  But we did run into a string of really horrendous singers on the way as well.  Please Nigel, stop forcing us to watch the God awful contestants we care nothing about!

It’s really hard to concentrate on all the really good performers we heard tonight and I’m not one to get all bent out of shape for another sad story but Chris Medina grabbed me.  You might find 1 person in a 100 or even a 1000 who are that young and will stick by their true love through thick and thin the way he has.  It was heartbreaking to see the two of them so happy and in love and two months before they exchange vows, she gets into such a horrible accident and both their lives are changed forever.  I thought it was great when Steven told her he sang so well because he was singing to her or something like that lol.  I really thought he had a good voice and I hope he does well in the competition.

It was another fun night watching the three American Idol judges getting along so well and listening to Steven’s sometimes incoherent statements lol.  I’m personally loving him as a judge and not finding myself missing Simon so much anymore.  Never missed Paula so no loss there and Jennifer is tolerable but as I was last week, still on the fence with her and Randy is still Randy lol. 

Female singer of the night for me was Alyson Jaydos.  Anyone who is different and wants to bring some rock to AI has got my vote.  Not to mention she gave “Dream On” a shot lol but come on, there is only 1 Steven Tyler.  She idolized him and he comes around to give her a hug and makes some crack about her looking like one of his…what?  LOL you’ve got to love this guy!  Randy says she’s not ready but dude, she’s DIFFERENT and that’s a good thing for idol!  Jennifer and Steven send her on through.  Watch Alyson Jaydos perform The Beatles’ “Come Together” below.

I’m really looking forward to the Nashville auditions tomorrow night because there are so many in the Top 40!  I hope they showcase the talent and not the crazy idiots we have down here in the south.   

Who stood out to you tonight in Milwaukee?