American Idol 2011: Steven Tyler Is My Favorite New Judge And Other First Week Thoughts

The first week of auditions for the new season of American Idol 2011 is over and I must say I was some what pleasantly surprised.  With the departure of Simon Cowell the table was lacking in the critical meaness department and became more like the after birth of Paula Abdul but with the added wittiness and off the wall comments of Steven Tyler. 

I thought we would see more of Jennifer Lopez‘s diva attitude which, in my opinion, would have added some needed bitchiness and controversy.  I didn’t expect her to have a problem saying no and really didn’t think she would ever cry after hearing someone sing but it was cool to see a softer side of her I guess so I’m a little torn, just on the fence with her.  Maybe a little of both wouldn’t be so bad, lol. 

You’ve got to love Steven Tyler.  I mean this guy is a rock legend and his crazy comments had me laughing so hard.  I mean what does “I know why we’re here.  We’re all here because we’re not there” even mean?  LOL I know what it means but it’s crazy to hear him say that.  What about him asking Randy if he’s “looking down boy” with a fist bump?  Come on Steven, the girl was only 16! 

What hasn’t changed for American Idol are the same sad stories playing on the sympathy of us viewers.  Really I don’t like this especially if the contestants make it to the voting stage because you get too many wanting to help out one person because they know their back story and not putting through the actual talent but this has always been and always will be part of the show so I need to get over it.  What I loved the most was not seeing nearly as much of the stupid contestants trying out that can’t even sing.  They showcased the actual talent and that was such an improvement over years past. 

There have been a couple of stand outs as far the actual singers.  From New Jersey I have to give my vote to Robbie Rosen and Kenzie Palmer.  One of the two makes the top 40 and the other does not, lol.  More on that next week so check back.  I didn’t care for the girl in the bikini top with stars who starts crying over Jennifer Lopez.  I just didn’t think she needed that get up because she sang rather well.  I thought Jennifer’s comment about recognizing Rachel Zevita from season 6 was nothing but a big fat lie but whatever.  She made the girls whole life. 

From New Orleans I liked the very first audition by Jordan Dorsey who sang “Over the Rainbow”.  I think he’s quite talented.  I’m not at all a fan Jovany Barreto who took off shirt so Jennifer could get a look at his abs although it was fun to see Steven and Randy join in but Steven’s comment of “from my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious” takes the cake. 

How do you feel about the first week of auditions for American Idol?

Watch Jordan Dorsey’s and Robbie Rosen’s auditions below the break:

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