American Idol 2011: Top 11 Week Performance Rankings

Here are the latest weekly updates for the American Idol 2011’s Top 11 performance rankings. Last week brought in more than fifty-three thousand votes in our “who was the best?” poll but somehow managed to only correctly identify one of this week’s bottom three. Could our results be that far off or could the show have been manipulated for maximum drama? I’ll let you decide on that one.

The big climber for this week was James Durbin who took the top spot with an eight point increase. Right behind him was Jacob Lusk with an impressive seven point climb to fourth place while Scotty and Pia filled the top ranks gap.

Not everyone had a great week though, especially not Stefano Lagone who corrected course and returned to his previous 3% rank after a brief stint at 15%.

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite fared.

American Idol 2011 Top 11 Week Performance Poll Rankings

  1. James Durbin – 19% (up from 11% previous week)
  2. Scotty McCreery – 16% (down from 18% previous week)
  3. Pia Toscano – 14% (down from 17% previous week)
  4. Jacob Lusk – 13% (up from 6% previous week)
  5. Thia Megia – 9% (no change from previous week)
  6. Casey Abrams – 6% (down from 7% previous week)
  7. Paul McDonald – 5% (up from 3% previous week)
  8. Lauren Alaina – 4% (down from 5% previous week)
  9. Stefano Langone – 3% (down from 15% previous week)
  10. Haley Reinhart – 3% (up from 1% previous week)
  11. Naima Adedapo – 3% (up from 1% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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