American Idol 2012 Top 11 Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2012 Top 11 elimination

American Idol results revealed tonight on the Season 11 Top 11 Results show, but now it’s time for our weekly elimination predictions. Once again I’ll be looking at your votes in our unofficial poll which has been a pretty reliable forecaster so far this season.

This week’s American Idol 2012 poll indicates the top 4 singers definitely safe are Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, and Phillip Phillips. All 4 of these singers seem to be undeniably safe from elimination this week. All of them either had stand out performances this week or enough goodwill built up to keep them safe this time around.

Next we’ve got the middle ground singers in a 3-pack featuring Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, and Skylar Laine. Colton needs to stop satisfying his own creative desires and start playing to the crowd or he could find himself in trouble soon. Heejun is a crowd favorite and that might be the only thing to save him this week. Skylar is fortunate to be a unique singer this season with energetic and that alone should mean she’s safe at least this week.

Moving on to the danger-zone we’ve got the last 4 singers in American Idol 2012 bringing up the rear: DeAndre Brakensick, Shannon Magrane, Elise Testone, and Erika Van Pelt. Only 3 of those Idol Hopefuls will take a seat on the stools of suspense and I’ll wager it’ll be DeAndre, Elise, and Erika. Elise was a near-miss last week which makes her an easy target this time around. Erika was previously eliminated by America’s votes and we saw how that treated Jeremy Rosado. DeAndre and Shannon didn’t have a great week (song choice, song choice!), but considering Shannon survived the previous week’s performance I think she’ll do it again.

The Top 11 performance poll right now puts Erika and Shannon at the bottom with 1% each. Since I’ve thrown Shannon out of the Bottom 3 mix I’ll have to go with Erika Van Pelt for tonight’s elimination.

Branden has also cast his predictions. He’s put Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, and Erika Van Pelt in the Bottom 3 with Shannon likely going home. Looks like most of you agree with his forecast.

The always interesting to review Dial Idol has their own American Idol predictions. They’re indicating DeAndre, Heejun, and Erika racked up the fewest busy signals on the phone lines, but since that’s only one voting venue it remains a limited measurement. It’s still worth noting the overlaps between our other predictions.

Now that you’ve read our various elimination predictions for tonight’s Top 11 results show, what do you think will happen? Who do you think should go home and, if different, who will go home?