American Idol 2012 Top 8 Results Show Recap: Another Goes Home

American Idol 2012 Top 8 Bottom 3

Thursday night on American Idol 2012, we said goodbye to another contestant, meaning the judges did not use their save.

At the top of the show we got a sneak peek at judge Jennifer Lopez’s new video for her single “Dance Again.” The we got the weekly Ford music video from the finalists. And finally it’s time to get down to business.

Ryan says he’ll be calling the American Idol contestants up in duets, the same as the night before. First up were Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. Ryan toys with both of them before letting them know they’re both safe.

The Wanted takes the stage for a guest performance and they’re so terrible live, I’d rather hear a Heejun and DeAndre concert in my living room for 10 hours in a row than listen to one minute of them.

Back to the results. Next up is Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon. We’re at first lead to believe one of them is going to be in the bottom. But with Colton’s popularity and Skylar’s great performance the night before, how can that be? Producers realize it’s a bad idea to just send them both to safety, so Ryan calls up DeAndre Brackensick and Hollie Cavanagh as well. So of the four of them, two are in the Bottom 3.

Ryan first tells DeAndre he is in the bottom. Then he sends Colton to safety. That leaves Hollie and Skylar. It’s Sklyar who is safe, so Hollie joins DeAndre in the bottom.

After Kellie Pickler performs, it’s time to find out the rest of the results. Only Phillip and Elise are left and while for one split second we might think Elise has really risen in popularity since the first couple weeks, we know what’s really going to happen.

Phillip is sent to safety and Elise lands in the bottom once again. And my Bottom 3 predictions from Wednesday night were right.

So who is it going to be? Elise, Hollie or DeAndre? Ryan immediately sends Hollie to safety and I’m shocked. I was almost certain she’d be the one to go. So Elise or DeAndre? Ryan finally reveals it’s DeAndre who American decided not to pull for the night before.

It’s time for him to sing for the judges’s save. He performs the song that I couldn’t understand the first time he did it. That song with the slight reggae beat but does nothing to display his range or talent. I’m convinced that the judges will save him since JLo loves him. But they do not.

Jennifer admits that she was the only one who voted to save DeAndre. Randy and Steven sent DeAndre packing.

Do you think America got it right this week?