American Idol 2012: What Should the Top 6 Sing?

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

The American Idol 2012 Top 6 are again singing two songs for the theme this week and one of the songs they’ll be singing will be a song by legendary rock band Queen. The other is any song of their choice.

Queen just happens to be my all-time favorite band, so while I’d rather no one touch the songs sang by the late Freddie Mercury, I do have a bit of expertise in Queen songs, so suggesting songs this week should be easy for me. Of course my song choices won’t be the popular song choices because some of Queen’s best music isn’t heard much on the radio. I’ll only be suggesting Queen songs since the other song the American Idol Top 6 will be singing can basically be any song they want.

Skylar Laine, “I Want To Break Free.” Sure, the absolute obvious choice for Skylar would be “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” but I think this Queen song would suit her very well also. She could put her country angle on it and add in some of her spunk and make it a great moment.

Phillip Phillips, “It’s A Kind of Magic.” It’s not Queen’s best-known songs even though it is one of their best songs. I could hear Phillip doing an acoustic version of it and putting his usual spin on it. If not this, than “Killer Queen” would work too with the same Phillip spin.

Hollie Cavanagh, “Who Wants To Live Forever.” One of Queens most powerful songs, Hollie could get in the zone and really deliver this one with her big range.

Elise Testone, “Don’t Stop Me Now.” One of Queen’s fastest and rock-est songs, this one would be perfect for Elise. Like Jimmy Iovine says, Elise needs to stick to the hefty rock songs to keep herself in the game. This performance could do that. And the song title could have special meaning. Much better meaning than say “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Jessica Sanchez, “Too Much Love Will Kill You.” This would be a good song for Jessica because it’s powerful and very emotional. And one of the biggest complaints about Jessica from almost anyone is her lack of emotion and connection. So this song could help her achieve that.

Joshua Ledet, “Somebody to Love.” If any Queen song lends itself to a gospel slant, it’s this one. I think Joshua could have a moment. And since it’s one of the band’s more known songs, it could keep him from ending up in the bottom this week.