Ryan Seacrest Signs Two-Year American Idol Host Deal

Ryan Seacrest

Three weeks ago Ryan Seacrest went on The Today Show to discuss his upcoming Olympics role as a decathlon champion reporter when he mentioned his plans to stay with American Idol. Today that plan is official. Ryan Seacrest has just signed a new deal with FOX’s top show that will keep him in place for another two years as Idol’s host.

In a press release from Fox Ryan noted, “For the last 11 seasons, I’ve had the privilege to be a part of one of television’s most iconic shows. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m excited for my journey with AMERICAN IDOL to continue.”

THR reports that Ryan will earn $15 million a year as host. This would match his previous three-year, $45 million contract. Not too shabby at all.

Fox’s brass is equally excited to keep the man with that big smile right where he is as the show continues to struggle in its ratings:

“Ryan is one of a kind,” added Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “His ability to engage the viewers, keep the contestants at ease during intense moments and adapt to any situation, especially during the live shows, solidifies him as the absolute best in the business. He is an integral part of why AMERICAN IDOL is a true phenomenon, and we can’t imagine doing this show without him.”

You can watch Ryan’s interview from The Today Show where he reaffirms his commitment to the place where he became a household name.




  1. I don’t want to imagine the show without Ryan. It’s hard enough no longer having Simon and Paula there anymore. (Especially Simon). Thankfully, it seems as though the show has a set of judges that are here to stay, along with a brilliant host.

    •  Yeah, judges can come and go, but Ryan is the face of Idol! He actually likes his job and cares for the contestants! Plus, NO ONE can do results shows like Ryan Seacrest! I agree, I think the current cast (judges+host) should stay the same for a bit longer, I really like them all! Yes, even JLo…

  2. Good.  Ryan is the best host on TV.  he makes it look so easy and puts everyone else in the shade.

    • THIS —- he is Dick Clark’s love child — he makes that job look incredibly easy, and improvises with the best of them.  At first I always thought he was overrated, but as the years have passed, I find he’s really the Top of his League!

  3. Good for him but with the declining tv rating of AI, I believe that the show will continue to air for just a few more years.

    • I had thought like you did until I read an article about all of tv (except for sports) shows having less viewers.  A lot of people now DVR shows and they don’t get counted in the ratings.  AI is still the #1 show, so I think it’ll be around for a bit.  

  4. Smart move on AI to sign Ryan.  Glad he’s back.  He’s the one that makes that show run smoothly.  The judges can come and go, but it’s Ryan that keeps the show (like each episode, not just the series) running along.

    As for the ratings, I read something interesting.  The ratings of every show on tv are down except for live sports.  That’s in part because people are watching less tv overall.  It’s also in part because a lot of people DVR these shows.   They’re thinking of doing away with one day ratings (like who watches it when it’s aired) and adding in the people who DVR the show also. 

    I’m not sure how many people watch AI when it’s aired vs DVR it, but I’d think quite a few people DVR it if for no other reason than to get through all the commercials.  Add in the people who DVR it to the ones who watch it live and I’m guessing AI still has over 20 million viewers per episode. 

  5. unfortunately…i’m going to college next year..NO TV…..NOT WATCH AMERICAN IDOL 2013….HUH…

    •  Me too! But Im off to college in the summer, so I can watch the 2013 season which will be my last… 🙁

  6. now if only they can fire Randy “yo-dawg-I’m-so-high-right-now-I’ve-no-idea-what-I’m-saying” Jackson and Jennifer “Oh-my-God-they’re-all-so-cute-I-don’t-wanna-let-them-go” Lopez then everything will be even better. Just put Jimmy Iovine as the judge already and maybe Mariah Carey or Stevie Nicks (she gave some really good advice).

    I have no qualms about Steven, he can be monotonous at times but he’s the only one legit enough among the current judges and sometimes gave good criticisms objectively (though often sugar-coated).

  7. I am very happy for Ryan.   He deserves whatever he gets.  The only other hosts I like are Nick Cannon and Cat Daly…….X-Factor and The Voice I could do without.

    •  100% agree, X and Voice are based more on gimmicks than actual talent, Idol is simplistic (most of the time) and makes news for it’s talent (most of the time). Plus RYAN is the one and only…people might watch if Simon leaves, but I’m sure will not if Ryan leaves!

  8. I think Ryan is the best they can get…true class act and always handles everyone and everything with class. Now, the judges on the other hand??? They could use three new ones, I feel.

      • Interesting choices.  How about Richie Sambora [singer/songwriter/musician], Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds [producer] and Cher?

      • If Richie can stay sober…he’d be a fun choice. Cher? hmm…I don’t know….she’s kind of getting a little long in the tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I love her..but I don’t think she would help to pull in the younger crowd.

  9. Long live American Idol! Thank you Ryan Seacrest for being with us a few years more…only Ryan can keep Idol swimming or else it will sink like a stone…

  10. Ryan is the most important part of the IDOL show, besides the contestants of course.  He is a one of the kind – so professional, always cool and calm, and downright appealing!  BRAVO to the producers for knowing to sign this fine gentleman!
    By the way – GO PHILIP!!

  11. I am glad Ryan is staying!  He is the best host of any show I have watched yet. He is fun. He knows what he is doing. Stay well Ryan. You word too darn much.And have too many things going on all of the time. I would like to send my sincere sadness about your dear friend Dick Clark passing away! You said the best thing you could ever say when you said he is in a better place now! And he had a very long excititing life!   Thank-You Ryan! 

  12. Good show! Ryan needs to stay and he needs to make sure that Randy and JLo go! They are a disgrace to the show.

  13. I agree, Ryan Seacrest is one of a kind. I had never heard of him until American Idol. He is an icon. The best host I have ever watched on TV. Go Ryan and thank you.

  14. Judges may come and go…Ryan Seacrest is here to stay! Nobody does it better than Ryan. Ryan FTW!

  15. Colton fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites. It is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI judges.

    Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton. Vote for the ghost of Colton by voting for the judges’ anti-favs; vote your choices: Elise, Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote. Vote as many times as you can, like they did to get rid of Colton.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end, haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism. The other fans of the favorite contestants mocked you as “Teenie Bopers” and told you Colton was terrible and deserved to go, especially the JessPushers. Some called him Colon. You know what I say is true. Don’t be sad, get even.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off.   🙁 🙁

  16. So Ryan is staying for $15mil a year – not too shabby. His first act once this season is over is to get together with Jimmy Iovine and fire that darn “judging panel” and bring in some pros, otherwise the ratings will continue to drop.

    Interesting to note that the week after Jessica was voted last, Ryan announced the number of votes cast – for the first time this season. Makes you wonder if the whole thing was staged because of the drop off in ratings.

  17. Great job Ryan!!!

    Even though the show is starting to become a joke with the judges standing every time Joshua sings then when Ryan asks who won the first round they say skylar “why didn’t they stand”!!!

    I won’t continue watching the show whit these judges!!!

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