American Idol 2013: Curtis Finch Jr’s Best Moments

Curtis Finch Jr

The American Idol 2013 Top 10 became the Top 9 Thursday night when the judges decided not to use their save on Curtis Finch Jr.

Curtis received the least amount of votes, and despite his greatest efforts with his save-me song, we say goodbye. It comes at NO surprise to me that the judges didn’t save him. They will NOT use the save this season on a guy. They just won’t. I’d place a large bet on that one.

So now that Curtis is gone, we look back on his best moments during his American Idol journey.

Curtis performs “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Not only was this his save-me song Thursday night, but it was also the song that helped him land in the Top 10 during the guys’ sudden death round. America liked it enough to send him on through but the judges didn’t like it enough to save him Thursday night.

Curtis performs “Superstar” by Luther Vandross. Another great moment in Curtis Idol career was this emotional performance. He wowed the judges with this and became one of their favorites.

What’s your favorite Curtis Finch Jr moment? Do you think the judges should have saved Curtis? Are you surprised the didn’t?