American Idol 2013: Curtis Finch Jr’s Best Moments

Curtis Finch Jr

The American Idol 2013 Top 10 became the Top 9 Thursday night when the judges decided not to use their save on Curtis Finch Jr.

Curtis received the least amount of votes, and despite his greatest efforts with his save-me song, we say goodbye. It comes at NO surprise to me that the judges didn’t save him. They will NOT use the save this season on a guy. They just won’t. I’d place a large bet on that one.

So now that Curtis is gone, we look back on his best moments during his American Idol journey.

Curtis performs “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly. Not only was this his save-me song Thursday night, but it was also the song that helped him land in the Top 10 during the guys’ sudden death round. America liked it enough to send him on through but the judges didn’t like it enough to save him Thursday night.

Curtis performs “Superstar” by Luther Vandross. Another great moment in Curtis Idol career was this emotional performance. He wowed the judges with this and became one of their favorites.

What’s your favorite Curtis Finch Jr moment? Do you think the judges should have saved Curtis? Are you surprised the didn’t?




  1. I’m really sad your leaving. When you sing it touches my heart and gives me goose bumps. I think God has big plans for you.

  2. Are u serious curtis finch jr. got voted off that a biunch of bull….. he was one of the best singers up there !!!!!!! they should have voted off that country bumpkin bc she sounds awwwwwwwwwwful. see thats why i stopped watching american idol

    • How do you know Curtis was any good last night and that country bumpkin was awwwwwwwful if you had stopped watching the show?

      • I was thinking the same right before I noticed your comment. Amazing, so many people who have sworn off the show are also psychic. Quite a phenonmenon.

    • Sounds to me like you have watched it. And why am I not surprised you don’t like Janelle.

      • Apparently JAY LENO cares. He’s singing The Tonight Show in and out of the commercial breaks tonite. (friday)

      • I heard that each week, from now on, the eliminated member of the top 10 will also be singing on The Tonight Show the Friday after they are voted off AI.

  3. Before God can use the awesome talent He has blessed Curtis Finch, Jr. with He will have to teach him humility. He is full of himself. I will never forget when he said he didn’t care about his missing team mate because “it is just one more person I don’t have to compete against.” Maybe this vote off is meant to knock CFJ down a notch? He has tremendous potential and will (hopefully) learn the lesson and get the opportunity to show more of the gift God has blessed him with.

    • Yes, a fine talent, but awfully full of pride. He also needed to understand that most of America is not of the evangelical bend and the preacher-singer comes off as a show act. I could not see buying his music – I didn’t find it sincere. And, the way the judges bought into the act (with all their silly responses), the more the whole thing sounded – well, not something I can connect with. It actually pushed me away.

  4. everybody is saying how religous this dude is he fricken stoled a laptop from his church.

  5. im glad they didnt use the save i mean oh my gosh! really?

    people are so insane when it stas why didnt they save him why didnt they save him, why didnt they save her.

    there so much better singers than this dude, only 21 people can get saved on this season wouldnt u much rather it bee kree or angie miller, or lets say candice went off next week, i mean come on, yeah he’s a good singer, but all of the 10 are “good” singers.

    but this aint second chance idol, this isnt x factor, if this guy was so good then why didnt you vote for him

    • That’s right. The judges have to hold on to their “save” for now. Remember last season when Jessica Sanchez was voted off? It was a ridiculous and shocking result of the voting that week. The same thing could easily happen to Angie or Candice and the judges must have a fail safe for one or both of them. They would have been nuts to use a save on an average singer such as Curtis who didnt even deliver a good performance.

  6. it’s going to be a four way street…candice, angie, kree, and amber. all brilliant, all beautiful, and all four will get recording contracts. curtis just did not cut it the other night. the talent is there. the “wow factor” is not

  7. For some reason Curtis was singing below the pitch where he seems comfortable and sounded off key during the first verse of the song. I’m sure it wasnt intentional but unfortunately he got stuck there for the first part of the song. He was back on track during the chorus and then the last few notes came out of nowhere and just didnt flow with the rest of the song. He was all over the place in terms of pitch. I think Keith was right saying adrenaline got the better of him. I’m not surprised he was eliminated.

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