American Idol 2013: Curtis Finch Jr Reflects On His Journey

Curtis Finch Jr - American Idol 2013

This past week on American Idol 2013 we said goodbye to Curtis Finch Jr when his journey came to an end on Thursday night. After Curtis dropped to the Bottom 2 judge Nicki Minaj warned host Ryan Seacrest that if he went home then so would she. That didn’t stop the inevitable though as Ryan revealed that yes, Curtis had been eliminated.

A talented singer to be sure, you can watch Curtis’ best moments here, but we saw the writing on the wall when he came up at the bottom of our performance poll and Branden accurately predicted a Devin Velez and Curtis Finch Jr Bottom 2. Fans of Curtis shouldn’t worry though as the singer remains in very high spirits and is grateful for his opportunity of time on American Idol 2013.

Watch Curtis’ post-Idol interview below and see what he is taking away from the experience and what he hopes to do for 2013 after his journey on American Idol.

Source: American Idol News & Twitter




  1. Ive read all the comments on Curtis and made a few of my own. Does anyone have an opinion of what the main reason was? His perceived arrogance, his last performance or something else?

    • This that will be impossible to figure out. My guess is that his style of singing left him with a relatively small niche support base. Others might have been turned off by his attitude. Regardless he had to take a risk and show he is not just a church singer in order to increase his fan base, Unfortunately had a very poor performance and I’m sure singing first didn’t help him either. As a result he ended up being the first to go. Still that is entirely speculation and I’m sure all have their own theory.

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