American Idol 2013 Top 4 (Again): Who Has What It Takes To Win Now?

No one eliminated on American Idol

After this week’s American Idol 2013 performance show and the judges’ complete overzealous worship of Amber Holcomb, I thought my finale predictions last week were off base. But after seeing last night’s results, I’ve regained my confidence.

See, last week, I predicted Kree and Angie in the top and Amber and Candice in the bottom. But when Nicki and Randy told Amber she’s better than any diva that’s ever breathed combined with every Greek goddess, I was like “wow, maybe I’m really bad at my job.” Nah. America saw right through their plot to push Amber to the top. So with that being said, my finale predictions only slightly change this week.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 (Again) Assessment

1. Angie Miller. She has regained her #1 spot in my predictions, after being replaced by Kree the past two weeks. Kree was on a roll, but the judges’ new badgering of her is going to drive some of her fans away. And since Angie has always been in the top two or three, I think she has a solid fan base and they’ll take her all the way. Finale Placement Prediction: American Idol 2013 Winner

2. Kree Harrison. Like I said above, Kree was doing better than second for a bit, but Nicki won’t let her go all the way. Not without a really lop-sided fight, that is. So I think Kree is probably going to finish right here. But then again, anything can happen right at the end of this crazy contest. Finale Placement Prediction: Runner-up

3. Amber Holcomb. The judges and producers might not get their wish for Amber to become the next American Idol, but their blatant pimping will likely push her ahead of Candice Glover. Finale Prediction Placement: 3rd place

4. Candice Glover. The fact that I feel like she will go home next week is a travesty. She’s the best singer in the contest right now if you ask me. But editing, placement, manipulation and just fan preference is likely to put her here. I hope I’m wrong. She deserves AT LEAST Top 3 ahead of Amber. Finale Prediction Placement: 4th place

How do you think the next few weeks will play out? Who is going home next and who is going to win American Idol 2013?