American Idol 2013 Top 4: Who Has What It Takes To Win Now?


Last night on American Idol 2013, we surprisingly watched the judges not use the save on Janelle Arthur despite it expiring this week. So that means we’re down to the Top 4. How crazy is that?

That also means that it’s time to take a look at who has what it takes to win this thing now based on how the Top 4 results played out. And things got pretty weird.

American Idol 2013 Top 4 Assessment 

1. Kree Harrison. She may have allegedly been in the bottom two Thursday night, but I think all that will do is wake up her fans. Not to mention Amber had a great performance the night before and was even in the pimp spot. I doubt she’ll be able to repeat that. And we also should consider that Kree will likely pick up Janelle’s country music fans. So she might be even more poised for the win than before. Or maybe she peaked. Who knows. This has been a weird season. Final Placement Prediction: Winner of American Idol 2013

2. Angie Miller. I still think producers would love for Angie to win this thing, and that’s still highly likely. But Angie’s fans will probably get complacent really soon and forget to vote for her. I don’t see her placing any worse than runner up, though. Final Placement Prediction: American Idol 2013 runner up

3. Candice Glover. I’ll say this like I have every single week. I still think Candice should win but right now I think 3rd is where she’s going to finish. Or if the judges continue to over-pimp Amber whether she deserves it or not, she could fall lower. But I really hope that doesn’t happen. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd place

4. Amber Holcomb. This girl has nine lives. But when the judges worship you, it might help convince some people to vote. So I’m not confident that Amber actually will be the next to go. She should be the next to go, but I’m not banking on it. Final Placement Prediction: 4th place




  1. The top 5 ladies. Hope you’ll read
    They have been great performers yet they have different styles in singing.

    CANDICE- She has the high range, the power, the emotion. her tone is very strong, sometimes smooth falsettos and incredible rasps. She got it all vocally however she lacks star power
    KREE- Kree has the voice of an angel, For her voice is very soothing and relaxing, She’s not even trying to do many runs and oversinging it, She has the confidence. But her problem is her vibrato is shaky at times of high notes. yet it’s incredible that she can stretch a top mountain pitch.
    ANGIE- She has the total package. when I first saw her I predicted that She’ll be the winner. She has the looks of a star that people will admire her. Angie yet her voice is great and her vibrato is very clear. But she may have a problem with Kree and Candice.
    AMBER- She’s a diva, She sings like Whitney and Beyonce. She can do very clear continues vibratos and when she stretches her voices higher it gives me goosebumps. but Amber has a problem. But I don’t know what it is that makes her lose.
    JANELLE- A good Country singer, She has a soft and calm country voice and I love about her is her airy voice when she do falsettos but she lacks power and when she sings every time it makes me bored. She has the star power but she won’t be the next american idol.

    REPLY your Guesses guys! 🙂

    • Amber’s problem is that she is the polar opposite of Angie’s personality. i.e a little timid and more to the quiet side. It’s the original Amber is the one who got cut during the Vegas week last year, albeit she said she wasn’t like that. But, she is.

      What different this year compare to last year with Amber is that she is very confident when she sings and thus becoming a completely different person on stage.

      So, this is the major reason why many people have problems relating to her. She is the polar opposite of Kree. Kree, on the other hand, is quite robotic and
      almost emotionless on stage, but, off it, she radiates warmth and, to some, the aura of “motherliness”. People seem to prefer this apparently.because what shows off the stage is more important to them.

      That being said, Amber’s gift of that heavenly vibrato and the clarity of the voice tone are unmatched this year. If she chooses right songs from now onward, watch out!

  2. it really doesn’t matter which one will win at this point; all
    four are fantastic and will go far in the music biz. even janelle is going to work, probably in nashville. the girls this season ROCK!!! goes to show what manipulation can do

  3. Candace is going to win this season idol. Angie or Amber is likely to be the 1st runner up and Kree will be 4th place.

  4. Angie is gonna be a star no matter what happens. She has the total package. Wait and she and just remember I told you so. The other girls probably will just be average. Janelle will be a good country singer and yes better than Kree. Just wait and see.

  5. From the very beginning I felt that it was going to be Candice and Kree in the finale. The largest fan base determines the winner – not the talent.

  6. I thought thr teenybopper vote would be split from Angela and kree, but Angie after last night is evidently getting “all” their vote that lately determines the winner. I still think it will be kree and Angela last standing due to janelles exit and kree gaining her votes. Candice and Amber will be the bottom two next week with Amber then exiting!.

  7. I do believe that ALL will have good careers going forward regardless of which one retains enough votes to carry them to a win. We have seen many past non-winners go on to have great careers. Candice has the strongest and most consistent voice and should become a future “Diva”. Kree is also so very good and will go very far in the Country genre franchise. Angie and Amber should appeal to the more modern music followers and can potentially have huge careers too.

  8. KREE…all the way a winner. Candace great but not versatile at all. Amber inconsistent but better than in the beginning. Judges love her and push her. Angie amazing too. Kree AND Angie in the finals.

  9. Amber and Angie have what it takes to be the next superstar. They have the killer voice, looks and stage presence. They are the TOTAL PACKAGE.

  10. Amber all the way, she is current , great natural sound of voice, likable . beautiful , the hole package i think , same as Angie but I feel she comes across bit arrogant with the way she plays with the camera … kree and Candice both divas and powerhouse voices but not enough marketable …

  11. Amber is way over-rated? This is not a best legs contest. And Keith Urban needs to get a spine and stop worrying about his image. Mariah Carey has herself placed so high on a pedastal that it is becoming hard to listen to her critiques. Nicki is cruel at times but she is the only judge that actually gives constructive criticism. Randy….ah dawg…..inittowinit….time for him to pack it in and move back to N’Orleans

  12. I hope it’s Candice and Kree in the finale. I think Candice is by far the best singer on the show. Amber is not consistent. Sometimes she is good, other times she’s not good at all. Angie has a nice voice, but does nothing outstanding with it. Her ego kills it for me. The other night, she was so busy hamming it up for the camera that she slammed right into Ryan Seacrest in the center of the stage. If things are not FIXED this year, then Candice should win.

  13. I think that Amber is the best singer, Angie, Kree and Candice are ok but Amber is exceptional and incredibly talented!

  14. Question for Branden! I know you are not allowed to answer! But what do you have against Amber. and also why do we have to log on with face book? I think that is why a lot of us oldies quit posting???? thanks Branden! and I do know how after all these years to spell your name! You are a sweet heart!

    • Hey Sherry. Thanks for spelling my name right! Haha. I don’t have anything against Amber. At all. I think she’s the fourth-best singer in the contest. That’s pretty good out of 10. I just think there are singers better than her and the judges are pushing Amber too hard because they think she’ll look the best on an album cover. But that’s just my opinion. Oh, and the comment thing annoys me too, but that’s beyond my control. Thanks for being a loyal, Sherry!

    • Hey Sherry. Thanks for spelling my name right! Haha. I don’t have anything against Amber. At all. I think she’s the fourth-best singer in the contest. That’s pretty good out of 10. I just think there are singers better than her and the judges are pushing Amber too hard because they think she’ll look the best on an album cover. But that’s just my opinion. Oh, and the comment thing annoys me too, but that’s beyond my control. Thanks for being a loyal, Sherry!

      • Well Hi Branden! I am surprised you could answer back! It was so nice to hear from you! I have been watching you since the beginning. I know you can’t do anything about the signing on part! But I still say you are a sweet heart! Matthew is ok. But I like you the best Branden. Have a great week. sherry K

  15. I love Candice Glover,, she has showed the most energy this year, all the others have sang slow safe song’s,, and I hear a lot of tone death notes in the other’s, plus they don’t clearly pronounce the word’s, in the song’s ,.Candice should be our next 2013 American Idol;

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