American Idol 2013 Top 4 Twist: Twitter Reacts

Angie Miller Top 3

Tonight on American Idol 2013, a twist was unleashed on the show which resulted in no one going home. So Candice, Kree, Amber and Angie are all still in the game.

OK, so that’s not so much a twist as it is the judges refused to use their save so the show was left with an extra week. But whatever, that’s good news for the Top 4. Bad news for Janelle Arthur. They could’ve just used it last week and let her stick around an extra week.

It’s always fun to see how Twitter reacts to these sorts of surprises, so I’ve compiled some of the most interesting tweets following Idol’s surprise announcement.

American Idol folks:

  • Because of the save, we have an extra week. Your votes aren’t wasted, last night’s votes will be combined with next week’s. #idolsurprise — @AmericanIdol
  • I’m Confused -___- #Idol — Burnell Taylor
  • Praise God that no one went home! But dang….this show stresses me out lol. #idolsurprise — Devin Velez
  • I KNEW IT!!!!! — Curtis Finch Jr
  • shocked?! #idolsurprise — Ryan Seacrest

Twitter users:

  • Heres what I think happened. Candice got voted off and producers know she’s a favorite so they fixed it to keep her. Thoughts? #idol
  • Why did I just watch a results show with no results?! #Idol
  • I am placing my bets on Candice to win, but now it can be anybody’s game. All 4 have star potential #idol
  • #idolsurprise glad they didn’t go home but still mad because amber was in the bottom 2. Do people not have ears?

And even though they acted surprised, Nicki Minaj’s pre-show tweet indicates they may have known what was ahead:

  • Idol will be shocking tonite. That’s all I can say. Tune in now — @nickiminaj




  1. Considering when the last episode was, it’s hardly surprising that no-one went home. They had to come up with another week’s programming. The only question was who was in last place? So as far as shocking twists go. Mehhhhhhhhh

    • The real shock is that the viewers continue to go along with this night-time soap “opera.” This whole season seems super “phony,” and I’m not talking about calling in votes. Whatever happens, whoever orchestrated this mess has ruined the Finale for me.

      • I sure don’t see any “orchestrated mess” this year. in fact, I see just the opposite. This years top 4 are far, FAR better than any top 4 in American Idol history, bare none. True the show is starting to show age. But what show doesn’t after being on air for 11-12 years or what ever it is? The fact that it is still one of the top rated shows after this amount of time, tells me American Idol must be doing something right.

  2. I’m shocked every time I see the size of Nikies butt cheek implants.
    Holy sheite !

    • I like Nikki as a American Idol Judge. But, Holly Molly that girls Butt cheeks are freakishly out of proportion to the rest of her body.

  3. I like all four of the young women and they all sing just fine. However, one of them is below the other three and that one is Amber. Yes, America has ears and what they hear is Amber losing the tune in mid-note frequently. Also, once in a while she is hollering instead of singing loudly. Judging the top two from last nights performances America got it right.

  4. The idol guy’s tweets make me laugh but the only shocking thing about last night was that anyone called it shocking. I know Ive seen this before and Ive only been watching for three seasons. American iIdol’s Shocking Plan to Avoid Class Action Suit Brought by Voters Seeking Reimbursement for Carrier Charges Incurred from Millions of Pointless Votes. lol.

  5. It Is very easy for a ‘trained pro’ to pick the ‘winner’ of Idol finalists. Actually, it has been this way since selection of the final 50. The ‘deck has been stacked’ in favor of an african-american female; just review the process conducted by the ‘judges’ last year in steering the final 3 vote; disgusting, but it caused an apparent backlash that resulted in a win for a clearly less-qualified white male

    • “The ‘deck has been stacked’ in favor of AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN FEMALE; just review the process conducted by the ‘judges’ last year in steering the final 3 vote…”

      Hm…, your statement and hypothesis don’t make any sense. Take a look at the last four seasons of idols to negate MOST of your points. And, only 1 (one) instance an African American woman was ever in the top 3 during those years.

      3. Syesha Mercado (Latino-African American)
      2. David Archuleta (“Latino” American)
      1. David Cook (White Man)

      3. Casey James (White Man)
      2. Crystal Bowersox (White Woman)
      1. Lee DeWize (White Man)

      3. Haley Reinhart (White Woman)
      2. Lauren Alaina (White Woman)
      1. Scotty McCreery (White Man – 1/4 Puerto Rican, let’s call it White for the sake of this argument.

      3. Joshua Ledet (African-American man, unless you think he is not a “man” at all – which explains certain things about him…)
      2. Jessica Sanchez (Mexican-Filipino American woman]
      1. Phillip Phillips (White man)

      Let’s get the raw number: Of the 12 well placed finalist ranking on Idol from 2009-2012, we get 8 whites, 2 1/2 Latino American, 1 1/2 African American. If you are a statistician, before you even look up at the general makeup of the US population, you will very well know that the idol finalist placement skewed so much to a certain race profile. Why is that? We may have to take a look at the American Idol viewership Demographic to find a partial answer to that question. I suspect most of the viewers will be too embarrassed to admit as why they vote a certain way. I actually have a different theory. It appears to me that AI has lost its luster because many of its earlier and original viewers, especially from certain demographics, had since abandoned it. These viewers were actually the one which are capable to counter certain movements of the voting to a certain genre. The best years of Idols are perhaps its first five seasons. It had gone a steady downhill ever since.

  6. The reason is simple, as I had mentioned some days earlier, AI just need to stretch the show for one more week, and this is actually the best and safe way to do it without wasting the vote tally.

  7. If the judges would keep their mouths shut and let the voters decide who sings the best and who should win, then this contest would be fair and impartial. We have ears, in our heart of hearts we all know who should be the next AI. Judges stop pimping your favorites or rather the producers favorites. I have been voting for Candice since the first week, I also vote for Kree and sometimes I throw some of my votes to Amber. I have never voted for Angie because she has been pimped since the beginning of this season and I feel she is highly overrated. Yes she is good, but not any better than Candice. I am a white, 63 year old, who has heard plenty of music over the years and Candice may not be as marketable as Angie or Amber, but she
    surely has the voice and talent to succeed. Good luck to all the ladies! May the best voice win!

    • Humm, a talent show were the judges “keep there mouths shut”. What a interesting and unique concept.

  8. Candiceand Amber are very good singers, but so are a hundred others out there who sound exactly like them when you close your eyes. Both have a tendency–encouraged by the judges–to oversing a song and scream lyrics instead of caressing them. Kree has a nice voice but not an exceptional one when you place her in the context of her professional competitors. The judges all coment about her authenticity, but to me, she is a country/blues artist who rermains emotionally apart from her songs.
    Whatever the merits of their singing voices, performance is about the total package and here, Angie wins hands down. Candice borders on the bovine whiler Kee looks like she never met a double cheeseburger and malt she didn’t like.
    Every white boy under age 65 is going to vote for Angie over Kree who will beat out Janice setting up a final pitting Barbie 2013 vs Bonnie Raitt redux. Angie runs away with it because
    all other things being equal, eye candy with a good voice will always win out over a good vice.
    Mercifully, the catfight between has-been, Mariah, and never-was Niki will soon come to an end.

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