American Idol 2013: Zoanette Johnson Performs ‘Circle Of Life’

Zoanette Johnson on American Idol 2013

Let’s not waste any time but rather jump right to the hot topic performance from last night. Zoanette Johnson is clearly going to be a very polarizing singer on American Idol 2013. Comments on our site and our Facebook page were on fire last night with frustration that Zoanette made the cut and was sent on to the Top 20. Will fans come around or will she remain a target of anger until her elimination?

Zoanette made a bold choice with her selection of Disney’s “Circle of Life” and while it might not have always been spot on through the performance she did manage to raise all the judges but Mariah to their feet for a standing ovation by the end. Clearly she’s doing something right so far on American Idol 2013.

Watch her performance in the video below and leave your thoughts on Zoanette. I’m sure there will be no shortage of comments on this one.