American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Which Remaining Guys Make The Top 20?

Gurprett eliminated

Tonight the remaining American Idol 2013 guys take to the Las Vegas stage to fight for the final five spots in the Season 12 Top 20.

And once again thanks to MJs, we’ve got the spoilers for the five guys who the judges will put through to the Top 20 and into America’s hands.

So if you don’t want to wait until tonight to find out the news, read on. If you want to suspense to remain, back away from the computer now. But be sure to come back later for the full details.

In The American Idol 2013 Top 20:


  • Bryant Tadeo
  • David Willis
  • Gurpreet Singh
  • Josh Holiday
  • Mathenee Treco

I think the most surprising cut here is Gurpreet. He’s gotten a lot of airtime and the judges seemed to love him. I think the two obvious ones to go through are Lazaro and Nick.

Be sure to check back here tonight to find out if the spoilers were 100 percent accurate.




  1. Boring…… im just glad it starts next week,
    some of the boring ones will be elinmated quickly.

  2. I really liked Josh Holiday… I simply don’t understand what the judges are doing this year. NM and MC need to take a hike and Randy is to easily influenced by the women on the panel. Let’s get real, they have sent some very good singers home and kept some very strange ones. 🙁

  3. well.l only have adriana to content with for now,,,if she will be eliminated to be in the top 10..l will be rooting for aubrey she is the total package…..

    • Me too! He has a 1 in a billion voice and so versatile. He has a real gift. I will be so sad if he is eliminated anytime soon. Really looking forward to watching him. Unfortunately, he is the only guy I can say that about. Yea Nicholas!!

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