American Idol 2013: Judges Results In Las Vegas ‘Sudden Death’ Round 3

American Idol judges in Las Vegas

We’re down to the final set of results for the girls moving in to the American Idol 2013 finalists stage for the Top 20 singers this season. Anyone not cut from tonight’s show will move on to next week’s round and join the five successful ladies from last week.

All remaining ten girls had their chance tonight and now we’re about to have confirmed what the spoilers leaked out earlier today.

Eliminated Singers from Season 12:

  • Cristabel Clack
  • Jett Hermano
  • Juliana Chahayed
  • Melinda Ademi
  • Rachel Hale

Safe Singers in the American Idol 2013 Top 20:

So those “safe” Hopefuls will join Angela Miller, Adriana Latonio, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Tenna Torres to form the American Idol 2013 Top 10 Girls. Exciting stuff! Congratulations to all the ladies. The ones who didn’t make the cut can return next year so I’m sure we’ll see some of them again before too long.

What do you think of the judges decisions? Did the right singers make the cut?

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  1. This is bull crap.. Bring Simon back… Girls sent home and complete trash was sent trough… American Idiol is a freaking joke … BRING SIMON BACK

  2. What is wrong with these judges? The only thing we can hope for is that the guys they pick are the ones worth keeping. Most of the girls not a good choice. Don’t know if I will continue watching. Don’t like how they have it this year. We should be able to vote like before.

  3. Lost all respect tonight with the judges. Rachel had a fantastic voice but the one loin king trainer stayed screwed up the anthem and played drums and screamed like a 6 month old stayed. Thought this was a singing contest and not a screaming contest. Been faithful since season 1 and now done.

  4. Sent racheal hale home and kept the one that would scare the crap out of the jungle animals. Judges sat and laughed at her and the sent her on arethey that scared of nicki?

  5. very disappointed… hoping this year would be a little different. judges putting zoneta through a sham. there is much better talent they did not put through.

  6. Looks like it is going to be a black girl winner, 3 whites out of 10? Send home good talent to keep Zoanette ? Even Randy made this statement” It does not even matter if your singing was not with the music.” WHAT? I thought that is what did matter , voice and music together. In the song Zoanette sang, I could not understand what the words were, as if she had a thick tongue trying to sing. Randy acts racist any way.


  8. I have a theory.
    I believe they’re sending the worst of this week so Angela Miller has a better chance of winning… Just a thought.
    I seriously don’t believe Zoanette deserved to go through. She SUCKS. :/


  10. So dissapointed about these judges. We need Simon back. They are keeping all the black that can’t even sing! So racism!!!!

  11. Nikky minaj is in love with her hair leave your hair alone my god and she should’nt be a judge

  12. Wow, this is not good. The judges need to listen through headphones because rachel should be through. Zoanette has a sad past but that doesn’t ensure a good voice. Judges, your decisions are quite disappointing. Good singers and left and we, the viewers are left wondering why you allowed mediocrity to remain….shame, shame, shame.

  13. I do agree that it is hard to pick the finalists based on the amount of talent, but guys, seriously, Rachel was too,too, good to not have been selected. It would seem you have made an error in letting her go, but who will you answer to for your recalcitrant behaviour. Do you actually care about the viewers? Very sad indeed!

  14. Im so excited this year for american idol,
    their so much variety its going to be amazing, to see who becomes the number 1 fav?
    i think that angela will be top girl,
    she is my fav her and janelle,
    i cant wait to vote next week(:

  15. Talent such as Rachel’s should never be overlooked for the so called talent you have selected. Is American Idol coming from the Appolo this year? Whoever made the final decision to hire Niki Minage should be fired.

  16. Judges are crap, racist, and don’t know music and talents. They should let jimmy interfere with their decision.

  17. NICKI NEEDS TO GO…go play with her hair and roll her eyes somewhere else. When she goes she should take the screaming lion tamer with her! I love the other judges, but Nicki has made me not want to watch anymore!!

  18. You had a breath of sunshine come in and sent her home…What were you thinking ???? Need to call Rachrl Hale back and send Zonette home. Poor judgeing this year. You may have just lost a loyal fan..

  19. Disappointed . The last round the judges cut people because this is a “singing competition” and not about performance, yet now, who knows. How Zoanette got through is mind boggling considering the actual singing talent on show. The judges aren’t just a little off, but way way off. And its made me question this show for the first time. Bring back Simon.

  20. I watch this show every year but I probley will not watch much this year nikie was a bad chose for a judge but I love the other ones

  21. After watching a few moments of Idol last night I have decided I can’t stand watching anymore.Nikki is fixated with her damn hair and she looks bored to death up until the time for her to speak.Her voice makes me want to puke.Bye bye Idol.This is your worst year ever for judges.Keith Urban is the best on there,.

  22. I can not stand Niki Minage or what ever. She is a disgrace to judging. Her comments of “Do you have a boyfriend, I want to have your baby, Are you married.” If I was a part of the staff of American Idol I would be kicking a fit. What happen to sexual harassment. Why are you allowing her to continue with these comments. I think we as viewers have been thru a lot with the changes but I am in agreement with a lot of viewers you have got to the bottom of the barrel to get Niki as a judge. Randy I don’t know how you have put up with all the stuff with her.

    • Hi cash, Niki Minaj is a professional and is Highly paid to Judge and be herself. Viewers can tune in or don’t. Stop hating and Respect the individual for who she is. WHO ARE YOU????

  23. Kim from NZ, I wont be watching this year either. I think after the sudden death round it is very obvious that the whole show is a set up. The owners of the show have the say not the judges, and so far I see very few stand out performers that have made it through…Even my young teen said they sent the good female singers home!!!. Sorry but the cynic in me has spoken.

  24. NICKI NEED TO LEAVE ….when every any of the judges are talking she has her facial expressions expecially mariah leave ninki go be a barbie somewhere else

  25. mariah carey is doung a good job and nicki stop with the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS

    • I love American Idol, however Mariah is almost out of words at all times. Please observe. Niki even though very theatrical has very valid & good professional guidance at all times

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