American Idol 2013: Zoanette Johnson Performs ‘Circle Of Life’

Zoanette Johnson on American Idol 2013

Let’s not waste any time but rather jump right to the hot topic performance from last night. Zoanette Johnson is clearly going to be a very polarizing singer on American Idol 2013. Comments on our site and our Facebook page were on fire last night with frustration that Zoanette made the cut and was sent on to the Top 20. Will fans come around or will she remain a target of anger until her elimination?

Zoanette made a bold choice with her selection of Disney’s “Circle of Life” and while it might not have always been spot on through the performance she did manage to raise all the judges but Mariah to their feet for a standing ovation by the end. Clearly she’s doing something right so far on American Idol 2013.

Watch her performance in the video below and leave your thoughts on Zoanette. I’m sure there will be no shortage of comments on this one.




  1. I thought it was a joke when they sent this girl to Hollywood but now I am just outraged. It sickens me that she took the spot of someone that can actually sing.

  2. Go ahead and make her the 2013 American idol and it will be the final nail in the coffin for an already deceased show. Just listen to Nikki and Mariah with their sudo British diva accents. It is pathetic.

  3. The humane story is touching, but this girl cannot sing,
    and others that could had to leave. Political right?

  4. She absolutely sucked. They keep letting go of the talent and keeping all the black folk & I talented shitheads. Barf I no longer will watch this stupid show.


  6. all you haters out there leave zoanette alone she can sing an she deserve to be there eat your hearts out


  8. I cannot believe our judges!!! I am completely in disbelief.Something wasn’t right with the judges last night.They seem to be bias and chose the contestants for personal reasons.Keith Urban you cannot say who is going to win.We the people choose the winner.They weren’t fair to the true talent.What in the heck are you judge’s trying to pull off????

  9. Fire the judges!!! that a joke.The judges were unfair to the real talent. Bring Simon back.He knows true talent.This is the worst season yet.I am truly disappointed.This is not a black or white issue to me as one person said.It is a talent issue.Maybe this is a black and white issue to the judges.Talent has no particular color.

    • That’s the problem, voters voting for people who shouldnt be there from the get go… very bad decision keeping her!

  10. I think someone felt sorry for her. She is definitely NOT an American idol. I’m sure there’s a show somewhere out there for her- but what’s the deal. The two country singers they eliminated were not all that but— at least you could understand them. All u could understand her saying was circle of life. Those 3 judges that kept her must be getting a kickback from her country. Defiantly NOT a singer. We have watched American idol since day one. My husband is threatening to never watch it again!! But like we said– American voters will probably finish her off. Apologize if I sound mean- but definitely not AN AMERICAN IDOL! Try the theatre or the opra.

  11. I couldn’t believe it when they sent home Angela Miller.I also noticed the guys they kept.Not one cute guy.ThIs show is fixed. They are ruining a once great American Idol.

  12. Why do u always pick black people on idol. Is it because in your panel you have 3 black people? There were 3 white girls sang beautiful, and better than the black screeching like animals. I wanna hear singing. It is sad that Nikky Minage is on the panel. She is always giving opinions like nonesense. Shame on you Idol.

  13. It was so unfair to keep her in the contest. It was an emotional vote not based on her singing but her “story”. So a few very talented girls didn’t make it because of that. The judges get frustrated when “american gets it wrong” and votes off talented contestants, however they did the exact same thing last night. Shame to ruin some of those girls dreams.

  14. I agree with just about everyone.
    Have watched the show from day one.
    Hard to believe that they put Zonette through. She has a great personality but to pass over obviously more talented contestants is just a joke!
    I think I would be embarrassed to be a judge.
    I think this it for me this year, probably the end of the show.
    Poor choices from the producers!
    Now you must pay the price.

    • You are so right! I cannot believe the judges aren’t embarrassed. Its too bad the contestants with talent that did make it thru are going to have to try to navigate thru a process that can’t be understood. Mariah and Keith should get out now before their careers and reputations are permanently damaged. The other two…kind of behaving as expected. I’ve never seen an attention grabber on t.v. quite like zoanette and the camerman seems to find her whether she’s performing or in the audience. Keith couldn’t seem to get her attention away from the fans when he was waiting to speak. Pathetic. Is it too much to hope that a producer from Idol actually reads the many comments that their viewers are taking valuable time to make here.

  15. Absolute joke. Never watching American Idol again. Watching Hannity as i Type this at 8:30 p.m. Watched AI for years, not wasting any more time.

  16. Omg im so sad why does everyone think she cant sing i dont get it shes there for a reason she cant hit all the big notes 🙁

  17. I am apauled to see Zonetta still there. The judges let go some really good singers. Being an American idol means the whole package and she doesn’t have any of it. I thought the feuding between Nikki and mariaha was gonna make me stop watching but if she makes it threw another round I’m done with American idol for good. Judges please get it toghther

  18. Other females should have been kept way before Zoanette, also…. the guys that they kept over some of the females that were sent home … brutal. American Idol needs to rethink their judges as well as the layout of the show!

    • Agreed! Nicki minaj needs to go! She loud and over powering the other judges! Keith, Randy, are great, but they needs to be more vocal and be able to stand up to Nicki and fight for the good people that are being sent home. Mariah seems to be settling down compared the start of american idol, which is too bad as she was the only one standing up to Nicki.

  19. She chose the perfect song for her voice and nailed it! Why all the complain about the judges been partial? Zoanette Johnson clearly deserve her been among the top 20. Keep it hot girl!

  20. I never thought she should have even made it through the initial audition and gone to hollywood, but I loved her performance of that song, and have no issue with her making it through on that song. Loved it!

  21. Zoanette is clearly fodder and won’t last for more than a few weeks even if she does make the top 10 next week. However, she is very entertaining, which is why they kept her around. Remember that this is still a TV show, not just a singing competition. The only reason this makes me mad is because if they had cut her then her spot could have gone to someone who actually deserved. it *cough* Isabelle *cough*

  22. I am also outraged at the absurd decision to keep zoanette on idol. It makes me sick to think of the girl whose hopes and dream had to be the innocent victim of whatever nonsense is driving this b.s. Her history is nothing more than just that and it shouldn’t be a basis for anything. She’s been living in this country for almost 20 yrs. Many contestants had hardships in their past and many currently are struggling. Nikki made a comment about knowing what its like to flee from your country. I wish she elaborated on this as she hails from trinidad/tobago. Maybe idol has become complacent in their past success and popularity, but like many of you, I am so dissappointed. Hopefully, when the voting begins there will be such a marked drop in numbers that they will have to make some changes before the season is over.

  23. Boring Boring Boring ……. This is all I can say about American Idol 2013. I think we can now all understand how important Simon Cowel was for the show!!! I look forward to the next X Factor and have switched off American Idol forever.

  24. I said it once let me say it again. Zoanette, You had your 15 minutes of fame when you did the “Lion King” song, now take that and run with it. Do something good with your new fame. Don’t ever forget to let your light shine that others will see Christ in you.

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