American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 4 Song Theme Revealed!

According to American Idol spoilers for next week’s song theme, we’ll be heading back to the land of the finalists doing pretty much whatever the heck they want. No doubt this will be a nice change for the 2014 American Idol Top 5 after several weeks of being forced to do songs other people picked out for them.


The new song theme for the Top 4 next week, reported by TV Line, is “Love: Break-ups and Make-ups.” Which is just about as broad of a theme as you could possibly come up with. At the core, just about every song ever written is either about falling in love, or falling out of it. They should have pulled this theme out back in February for Valentine’s Day or something, otherwise we just don’t see much of a point to it.

As MJsBigBlog noted, it would be a great time for American Idol producers to have previously eliminated contestant Jillian Jensen do a pop-up so she can make googly eyes at boyfriend Alex from the audience. That would probably give him some ‘cuteness’ votes to help out his cause in making it to the American Idol 2014 Top 3