American Idol 2014: What Performances Air This Week? May 7-8, 2014

This week on American Idol 2014, the Top 4 singers return to the stage in a bid for your votes with a set of love songs that they hope will bring them one week closer to the season finale on May 21st!

American Idol 2014 Top 4 contestants
American Idol 2014 Top 4 contestants – Source: FOX

Beginning this Wednesday, the Top 4 will perform in a full two-hour show starting at 8PM. The theme this week on Idol features love make-up and break-up songs and with seemingly most every song harping on love the finalists should have a wide open range of picks this week.

No word spotted yet on any mentors this week for the final four, but that role has been spotty so far this season of American Idol which means there may not be one at all. Say, isn’t Randy the Dawg supposed to be handling that role anyway? Makes me miss Jimmy Iovine.

Thursday night will deliver the American Idol results show at 9PM where we’ll find out which lucky three singers move on to just one step from the biggest show of the season. We can’t wait to see how this week turns out!

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We’re just over two weeks away from the American Idol season finale. Will your favorite make it to the end? Tell us who you want to see win it all!




  1. Ungrateful Caleb? Wth? Jessie is cold and stoic! Alex most talented and should win with Jena on his heels.

    • Angie… didn’t you know Caleb called his fans a bunch of ‘retards’. Also, he said if he makes it to the top 3, he’s looking forward to the girls, hookers, and cocaine on his home town visit…

      Google search news: American Idol Caleb Johnson

      • No I did not hear that. I follow closely too, which makes me believe it won’t affect the voting that much. If I didn’t know about it, I’m sure many of his fans did not know about it either. But who knows? I wish social media would just stay out of it. While he shouldn’t have said what he said, I wish America would just vote on talent and that the media would stay away from the contestants while the competition is going on…

      • You can be talented and still be an arrogant stinker who doesn’t need to be rewarded for it!! Send a message and vote for Jena!

      • Calebs young and I doubt he meant it the way it sounded. I wonder why they even put it out there. Kind of like telling everyone Jena and Alex said no the other night I’m still voting for Caleb.

      • After the remarks from Caleb, I wonder how Jena’s parents feel about her asking him to her prom.

      • I went and read more of the story, he is so wrong, like you I wonder how her parents feel, no way would I let my daughter go out with him after the women, hooker drug remark.

      • I’m “not’ a Caleb fan (Jena) but he’s young and he spoke without thinking what others would think of the meaning of his remarks. Scotty McCreery (while a contestant on AI), stated that he “never’ looks on line at the remarks from the fans because some like you and some hate you! Caleb was referring to the haters “only”!

      • Maybe so, but the word retards was thoughtless and he already screwed up once before with the peanut allergy prank. This guy seems to lack common sense and filters.

      • Doesn’t make any sense.. Why would haters send him songrequests. He nor only messed up with his remarks about “retatds”, he messed up talking about girls, hookers and cousins. And then critizied Steven Tyler abs Aerosmith. He can only dream of getting an iota of their fame and talent. It is a shame and I am sure some will continue to support him but he will be a has been before anybody even knows his name.

      • Caleb did not call his fans retards. Listen to the interview. “Retards” was in reference to all the people piling on in social media. And the hookers and cocaine reference was sarcastically tongue-in-cheek. Good grief people. The mass populace of America does not listen to anything, they only hear what they want to hear and formulate something to be pissed off about.

    • He was just going off at the mouth about somebody else picking out his songs, he could have addressed it better, he is learning… 🙂

    • Don’t drink so much of the judges Kool-Aid. I suppose it may be harder to be personable when the judges are ripping on you after you just killed it, but check out the interviews. Jessica is very warm and friendly. Jena, or JENA as we were told (by her) to call her, seems to be a typical spoiled 17 year old girl. yuck.

  2. Kinda curious how Caleb calling his fans ‘retards’ will effect his votes. Surprised it’s not mention on this site… if it was season 5, 6 or even 8. It would of blown up in the media.

    • The youtube video has over 75,000 views now with the majority calling him out on his choice of word,I think the damage is done

    • He called the haters the r-word NOT his fans. I hope the media doesn’t affect the votes ( or the AI producers either!!)

  3. JMO..I do not find Caleb unique but Jena is outstanding and has great stage presence . I
    t’s a crap shoot at this point. I guess we will see who America likes best. Not my favorite year for A.I.

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