American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 4 Song Theme Revealed!

According to American Idol spoilers for next week’s song theme, we’ll be heading back to the land of the finalists doing pretty much whatever the heck they want. No doubt this will be a nice change for the 2014 American Idol Top 5 after several weeks of being forced to do songs other people picked out for them.


The new song theme for the Top 4 next week, reported by TV Line, is “Love: Break-ups and Make-ups.” Which is just about as broad of a theme as you could possibly come up with. At the core, just about every song ever written is either about falling in love, or falling out of it. They should have pulled this theme out back in February for Valentine’s Day or something, otherwise we just don’t see much of a point to it.

As MJsBigBlog noted, it would be a great time for American Idol producers to have previously eliminated contestant Jillian Jensen do a pop-up so she can make googly eyes at boyfriend Alex from the audience. That would probably give him some ‘cuteness’ votes to help out his cause in making it to the American Idol 2014 Top 3




  1. I’m hoping that each of them will do one Makeup and one Breakup song.
    For duets:
    “All You Need Is Love”/Beatles
    “Love Stinks”/J Giels Band
    Alex – “Skinny Love”/Bon Iver and “Everything I Do”/Bryan Adams
    Caleb – “Key Largo”/Bertie Higgins and “Little Green Apples”/O C Smith
    Jess – “Didn’t We”/Glen Campbell and “In These Arms”/Bon Jovi
    Jena – ??????

    • jena irene would be better singing skinny love i think! Tone is a very important factor i think

      • “Skinny Love” is a great song choice for Jena, actually! Doing a similar soft style to Birdy, but with her own twist would be great. I also thought Adele’s “Someone Like You” would work for her, emotion wise, though I’m not crazy about anyone covering it.

        I also thought “Halo” or “If I Aint Got You” would be great for Jena, since she hadn’t tried R&B yet. Then possibly Avril’s “Let it Go”/”My Happy Ending” or No Doubt’s “Bathwater” or “Ex-Girlfriend” for break up songs.

      • No. Alex doing Justin Vernon’s original version of “Skinny Love” not Jena doing Birdy’s copy.

      • I love birdys version though!! Alex would just song it blandly as normal with no vocal dynamic at all so I wouldn’t personally like to hear his rendition speak soon it would have no affect in me jena however could easily do down thing to the song giving it a new breath

      • I think we’re all dreamers. Of all the song choices I’ve posted this year the only one I picked for anyone that they sang was Dexter’s “Keep Your hand’s to Yourself”. Since day one I’ve wanted Caleb to do Bob Seger’s “Still The Same”.

    • All I can say is PLEASE no “Everything I Do” by Bryan Adams. It’s a horrible, cheesy song that doesn’t belong on reality singing competitions.

      • I think that if Alex put his own touch on it and did it very stripped down with his lilting voice he’d kill it in a good way.

      • I stand by what I said. It’s a horrible song that should be banned.

      • I agree, this could be a good choice for him. If done well, it could duplicate the success he had last week.

    • I can see why you left question marks for Jena. You have chosen to me two of the the most beautiful and fun-loving songs ever made for Caleb. He would have to make them his own and they’re too pretty for that – and I don’t think anyone would want to hear them any other way.And – that’s my opinion only.

      • I really want Caleb to step away from the hair band stuff and just sing as he did on “Skyfall’ Maybe I expect too much.

      • I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I also think it’s necessary for him to do that at this point. Enough with the head banging and just wow us with his voice.

      • I would love it if Caleb would sing, instead of rock out of control all around the stage. Skyfall was his best performance of a song.

  2. How about “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette for Jena? And for Jessica “My Give A Damn’s Busted” by Jo Dee Messina?

    • For Jena, how about Erika Jo’s “I Break Things”? Peppy, bouncy and fun.

  3. BreakUps and MakeUps huh .. OK .. since i’m a BIG Jessica fan and think that she has the most complete and unique voice of the remaining contestants, I will offer up my requests: BreakUp: ‘Angel of the Morning’ .. MakeUp: ‘Still Loving You’. If she sang both of these songs with true emotion, not only would she move on in the competition, she would bring the house down.

    • Jessica is my favorite, and I think she needs to do a fun song. Maybe “So What?” by Pink.

      • She’s my favorite as well and I thought of that song too. Do you think she is better of staying near country, though? I’m not sure which way she should go song wise.

      • I think she’d do well with Sheryl Crow’s “Picture” for a make up song and her own original song called “Done” for her breakup song. Wishful thinking.

      • I’d love to hear another of her originals. I think she really shines singing her own material. It might be a huge risk at this point though.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I just listened to it and it’s awesome! I also listened to “Sick & Tired” which was also incredible. She’s really talented at writing.

      • I think Jessica could pull off “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. If she could keep it in tune, she could nail that.

  4. Jena NEEDS to sing “Video Games” by Lana Del Ray. This is a perfect love song and this is the song that caught America’s attention during the Hollywood round and we only heard a snippet.

  5. Alex- Lost Without Your Love – Bread- Goodbye Girl – David Gates
    Gena- Take A Bow – Madonna, On The Radio – Donna Summer
    Caleb- Heartache Tonight – ,Eagles. Open Arms – Journey

    • If Caleb does sing Open Arms, he better not ruin this song. But I have faith in him that he won’t (I hope).

  6. How about Bye, Bye, Bye by NSync for Caleb? He’d just love to do that song, wouldn’t he? LOL!

    • I still would love for Caleb to sing – Living Inside Myself by Gino Vanelli, Lord knows he has the voice to do it.

      • I love that song and Caleb just might be able to pull it off. If he does, it will be a huge moment for him.

    • No more Rolling in the Deep PLEASE?!! I’ve heard enough versions of it already.

  7. Jena – You Oughtta know. not a clue who sings it
    Jessica – White Liar Miranda lambert
    Alex Preston – We’re never ever ever getting back together Taylor swift
    Caleb – Someone like you “Adele”

    Jena – You are the only exception “Paramore”
    Alex Preston – You are so beautiful to me
    Caleb – Lovegun “Kiss”
    Jessica Marry me “Train” it would be really a shocker and she might could put a big twist and pop up like kris allen did.

    this contestants needs to take a huge risk to pull off the whole show

    • You Oughta Know is by Alanis Morrisette. I don’t think Caleb should do any more Adele. He needs to make a moment with another singer. Jessica has a great original that Stormy told me about, Done, which is on YouTube. It’s a fantastic breakup song.

  8. For Jena, keeping with her EDM style – “After All” by Delerium would be in her wheel house; but, I seriously doubt that’s on the A.I. song-list choice.

  9. Someone suggested a couple of Meatloaf songs for Caleb. Why? Because he looks a bit like Meatloaf? That is not anything close to being the style he sings.

  10. Caleb should totally do a classic-rock song. And he should stomp around the stage and bellow it while he spins the mike stand. I’d love to see him do that.

    • I disagree. Caleb has a good strong voice but I doubt he’d have much of a career sticking to old style rock. What? A tribute band playing to the 50+ nostalgia circuit? He needs to put those pipes to work on music that will sell.

  11. Alex: Break-Up: “Heartless” – Kanye West
    Make-Up: “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers

    Jena: Break-Up: “Since U Been Gone” – Kelly Clarkson
    Make-Up: ” A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton

    Caleb: Break-Up: “Cryin” – Aerosmith
    Make-Up: “Be Without You” – Mary J. Blige

    Jess: Break-Up: “Someone Like You” – ADELE
    Make-Up: “Same Love” – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

    • Jessica- Here Comes The.. by Butch Walker, Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson or Separate Ways by Journey or You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

      Caleb- Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone- Cinderella, For No One by The Beatles

      Jena- Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato, Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake, Im also thinking Aint no Sunshine by Bill Withers

      Alex- I was thinking Somebody That I used to Know by Gotye. A Case of You by Joni Mitchell, Dont Think Twice..Its Alright by Bob Dylan

      Jessica- Something by the Beatles, Silly Love Songs By Wings

      Caleb- This Must Be the Place by Talking Heads, Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney (but its so overdone)

      Alex- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths, God Only knows by the Beach Boys, Cant Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

      Jena- Lovely Day by Bill Withers, Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeah, To Sir With Love by Lulu

      • To Sir is a song by a student thanking a teacher. nothing to do with romance, broken or otherwise.

  12. This is another reason Jessica should win. Everyone needs to find a song that they can sing well, but she can sing anything well.

    • It’s true, she seems to be the one with the broadest stylistic range. While Alex only seems comfortable whimpering melodic pop songs, and Caleb can only bellow classic rockers, Jess has tried a lot of different styles and voices.

  13. For gena Some songs id like to hear is kelly clarkson Since You’ve been gone, Addicted Because of You , maybe even some demi lovato Fix a heart or heart attack …you oughta know is a great song but considering some ppl already complain they don’t understand jena singing i think its best for her to stay away from that song. Skinny love is another intriguing song she could do something By Yeah Yeah Yeahs too like maps or sacrilege …cry me a river by JT or even no one by alicia keys??

  14. Worst thing that could happen for Alex is to allow Jillian Jensen into the studio – I hate her as a performer and world-class whiner crybaby. Best for Alex to not have any visible association with her.

    • Agreed. I wouldn’t be that mean about it, but I do hope I never see her face on TV again, crying as usual.

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