Tonight On American Idol 2014: Top 4 Performances

Tonight on American Idol 2014 this year’s Top 4 finalists take to the stage to sing for your votes with another fun theme for a round of double performances.

*UPDATE: Click here for our full American Idol recap of the Top 4 performances show with videos!

American Idol 2014 Top 4 contestants
American Idol 2014 Top 4 contestants – Source: FOX

Starting Wednesday night there’s another two-hour live performance show with songs bitten by the love bug. This week’s theme on Idol is “Love: Break-Ups & Make-Ups.” We’re assuming that means one song will be on each side of that divide and we can’t wait to see what the Top 4 bring at us, even if they don’t use our song picks!

Then tomorrow night, on Thursday, we’ll get the American Idol results to discover who is going to leave just shy of the Hometown Visits round. Of course we were almost set up to see two singers leave this week but the finalists put an end to that twist last week.

Join us tonight for the show and enjoy the fun with us and all the readers here!

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American Idol’s Top 4 perform tonight:




  1. I like Caleb better for calling his fans retards (and that was what he said AND meant, despite his lame attempt at an apology, saying he didn’t mean the fans, that was very funny). At least he doesn’t just say whatever the producers want, like a badly trained puppy who wants to do the tricks that they ask. If Caleb gets voted off, it should be for his lack of effort at actually bothering to sing most of the songs, instead of scream them. Jena should go though, she is just awful.

    • Jena’s the “BEST”! Note: that she’s returning to the “PIANO” tonight! Time for you to start shaking in your boots!

      • Trying to cover up her garbled vocals with a piano is a good idea, but her popularity is dropping. People aren’t drinking the shows Kool-Aid on her as much, so I expect them to bring tilt the field in her favor as much as possible.

        Prediction: Caleb opens the show, Jessica buried in the dreaded second slot, Alex third, with JENA being given the gift of the final performance.

        Prediction: Two standing ovations for JENA, they might even start standing during the video intro out of desperation.

        Prediction: Audio and stage production for JENA’s Heartbreaker will be bigger and better than anyone else gets. Many people will get excited and assume it was all JENA, instead of seeing the importance of the staging, lighting, and audio.
        Prediction: Judges don’t stop the applause for JENA like they do for the other contestants.
        Prediction: Judges say prepared statements like “you’re so amazing”, “that performance will definitely get you in the final”, “I got goosies”, and “if American doesn’t vote you in, then… “.

      • Don’t wait until tonight to get “GOOSIES”! Go back and listen to Jena’s “only” other two piano performances: CREEP” & “DECODE”!

  2. I really hope that Caleb can win back the hearts he hurt…I don’t even really know how to respond to his lack of thinking…outside of think before you talk…

    • maybe he should have just used the word “idiots” whatever, he is a kid. tactless.

  3. Caleb did not mean to hurt. Jessica has no appeal. Jena commands the stage. Alex is unique and powerful in a soft way.

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  5. Over reaction by JLow with Jena’s singing an Elvis song. She didn’t sing THAT song as good as the others. JL needs to be fair.

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