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This Week On American Idol 2016: Top 5 Revealed & Adam Lambert Returns

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American Idol 2016 Top 6 contestants
The American Idol Top 6 can sigh a breath of relief this week as only one contestant will be eliminated after week’s of double elimination rounds. During Thursday’s episode of American Idol on FOX at 8/7c the final six contestants will be back to await the results and, for the [...]

American Idol Results: Who Went Home Last Night On American Idol? 3/10/2016

Ryan Seacrest and American Idol results
Dim the lights. Here we go. Thursday’s results sent home another two contestants from American Idol 2016 last night after Seacrest announced the results of your votes and the Top 6 contestants. With another two contestants out of the race this round it brings us just four weeks from the [...]

American Idol Results: Meet Your American Idol Top 6

American Idol 2016 Top 6 contestants
After surviving a threatening double elimination on American Idol 2016 last night the Top 6 contestants have to survive the same battle tonight withthe last time we see two leave the stage in one round. We said goodbye to Olivia Rox and Gianna Isabella last week but with so little [...]

American Idol 2016: Vote For Best Top 6 Performance [POLL]

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Tonight on American Idol 2016 - Top 3 & Your Votes
American Idol 2016’s Top 6 have been announced and now they need your support and votes. Tonight is your chance to grab your phone and cast your votes to keep them in the competition to be the final winner of American Idol. We’ve got all the details for how to [...]

‘American Idol’ 2016 Predictions: Who Will Make The Top 6?

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol
Tonight two more singers will be sent home which makes this time for our latest American Idol predictions ahead of the official Top 6 results being announced. Much attention is being given to Bing, but even Bing notes it’s not 100% accurate in its predictions. So who will be going [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2016: Two More Finalists Will Go Home

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American Idol Judges on Season 15
American Idol 2016 tonight delivers the results from your votes sending home two more finalists as the search continues for the next American Idol winner! The Top 6 contestants will be revealed as all eight finalists are ready to go for another chance at your votes. Once tonight’s cuts are [...]

Reminder: No American Idol On Wednesday As Schedule Shifts

Ryan Seacrest on the American Idol stage
Don’t forget that our usual routine of American Idol on Wednesdays has shifted to a Thursday only schedule for nearly the rest of the Farewell Season on FOX. If you tune in Wednesday at 8PM you’ll get Rosewood instead of American Idol 2016 as the schedule change puts Idol on [...]

American Idol Spoilers: 2016 Top 6 Song List Revealed By Singers

La'Porsha Renae sings on American Idol
American Idol spoilers are coming in for this week’s song list as the Top 6 performance show awaits us on Thursday night but all 8 finalists will need to be ready for the stage. This week’s them on American Idol will be “most performed songs” which sounds like a bad [...]

American Idol 2016: Final Five Episodes Of Idol

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American Idol 2016 - Only 5 Episodes Left
There are only five episodes left of American Idol with its Farewell Season just over a month away from ending with one last night of confetti and a new winner of American Idol 2016! The American Idol schedule has the Season 15 finale arriving on April 7, 2016 as part [...]

American Idol 2016: Top 8 Rankings – Poll Results

Sonika Vaid on American Idol 2016
After some big shake ups during last week’s American Idol 2016 elimination show we’re anxious to see if we’re in for any big surprises during Thursday’s Top 6 performance show as the remaining finalists await their fate. Last week’s twist on the elimination with the Judges picking the winners and [...]

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