BREAKING: Kara DioGuardi Fired From American Idol 2011

Wow, the punches just keep landing this week for the American Idol 2011 judges! After learning last night that Ellen had quit from her 2-year contract after just the first season it’s now being said that Kara DioGuardi has been fired from Idol!

I’m hoping that means they’ll bring just 2 new judges in, not 3, and keep it to a total of 3 judges. There was just too much going on last year and with no tie-breaker vote it was awkward.

So not only has Jennifer Lopez been practically confirmed as one of the new judges there’s also the rumor that Steven Tyler will fill the final spot, but that’s still very sketchy and unconfirmed.

What do you think? Satisfied to see Kara go? Are J. Lo and Tyler the right choices to replace the outgoing judges? Can Randy tie the new back to the old on his own?