Kara DioGuardi Leaving American Idol 2011 – Double Confirmed

Remember in July when I told you Fox had Kara DioGuardi fired from American Idol 2011? Then a few weeks ago Kara tried to spin it that she had quit American Idol? Yeah, well the word has officially come down from Fox that DioGuardi is now Dio-Gone-i:

After spending two seasons as one of reality TV’s most picked-on judges, Kara DioGuardi is exiting American Idol.

Fox and DioGuardi made the news official Friday following weeks of widespread speculation that her time on the show had run out.

Kara kept her official response very classy with plenty of respect for Idol despite still making it sound like it was her decision to leave.

“I felt like I won the lottery when I joined American Idol two years ago, but I feel like now is the best time to leave Idol. I am very proud to have been associated with [the show] — it has truly been an amazing experience. I am grateful to Fox, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment, as well as the cast, crew and contestants, for all they have given to me. I look forward to my next challenge, and want to thank everyone who has supported me. All the best to everyone on Season 10!”

I’m sure Kara will go on to great things which may or may not involve harassing young, long-haired men on a national stage. I kid, I kid. She probably won’t be doing that anymore. Probably.

Source: TV Guide




  1. Here's a thought, why not let Kara audition for AI, become a contestant, and have her see what it feels like to be on the other side of the judges table!

    After all, she's already let the viewing public know, she's good at competing!

  2. Matt 🙂 you know I never liked Kara but I am just posting a comment because of your last paragraph hahahahaha FABULOUS rofl

  3. I actually didnt mind Kara. She wasnt harrassing Casey either. Randy was the one who said to take his shirt off in the audition and if you watch the season back the other judges were the ones who kept it going all season.

  4. I just love the way Kara kicked the bikini girl's ass last year's season! AI is for music talent & entertainment. The pathetic chick had neither and Kara showed she's the (only) one with balls AND class. Go Kara!

  5. I find that judges should not be all about themselves but all about grooming the contestants professionally and not putting them down each time with unhelpful criticisms and comments that would affect or ruin their image after Idol. They have to be musically-savvy to detect potentials.

  6. Cannot wait to know who the next 2 judges will be. Will ex-Idols be in or out on the judges table? Anxious about it. Hope AI could consider them in next season.Thanks for updates.

  7. I'm betting there will be only three judges and they will be Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. I'm not happy about Steven Tyler as a judge, but he's a better choice than Bret Michaels.

  8. you people need to leave kara alone. she did a good job. why don't you get up there and try to be a judge. and say the things you really don't like to say. and Simon will be missed. he needs to come back..

  9. I felt that Kara likes camera and wants attention and be a sassy judge. I didn't understand as a viewer, nor the talent auditioning and the worst part is Simon didn't either about what she's trying to comment! Simon is direct to the point, self centered, mean and shocking! And we learn love him because he's right majority of the time. Kara – She tries to be that and she annoys me and rubs me the wrong way. Kara is a music writer and good on stage..BUT NOT A JUDGE. It's not her cup of tea!

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