BREAKING: Kara DioGuardi Fired From American Idol 2011

Wow, the punches just keep landing this week for the American Idol 2011 judges! After learning last night that Ellen had quit from her 2-year contract after just the first season it’s now being said that Kara DioGuardi has been fired from Idol!

I’m hoping that means they’ll bring just 2 new judges in, not 3, and keep it to a total of 3 judges. There was just too much going on last year and with no tie-breaker vote it was awkward.

So not only has Jennifer Lopez been practically confirmed as one of the new judges there’s also the rumor that Steven Tyler will fill the final spot, but that’s still very sketchy and unconfirmed.

What do you think? Satisfied to see Kara go? Are J. Lo and Tyler the right choices to replace the outgoing judges? Can Randy tie the new back to the old on his own?




  1. I think Steven Tyler and J Lo would be an awesome replacement duo. Diversity and talent giving their perspectives.
    And being a HUGE Steven Tyler fan…wow would that capture me as a viewer. I think it would be interesting!
    KP, St. Louis, MO

  2. omg poor kara omg omg i loved her and my name is also kara sooooooooo…….yeah i did not like the new one sooooooooo……..yup

    bye bye

  3. I really think the show is losing its edge.The last 2 seasons haven`t really been good.And the show would really be losing viewers well because the judges were alright but Glee will start sooner so viewers would just take Glee and leave American Idol behind.But i`m still gonna watch Season 10.Just wanna see if its better.

  4. If Kara has been fired, perhaps it is because of her inappropriate comments to Casey James. If a male judge had made such comments to a female contestant, he would have been let go a long time ago. Casey handled it with class, but you know it had to be uncomfortable and embarrassing. We won't miss Kara.

    • You got that right! Kara shouldn't have been Idol's judge in the first place…she's very annoying, i switch the channel when it's her turn to say her comments. And with Ellen…hmmm, don't know what the producers were thinking, she's funny and all but…ugh…hey, if u can't sing, then don't be an Idol's judge. Oh hey, Harry Connick Jr. was a great mentor to the Idol's contestants, and man the guy can sing and can be quite versatile, a funny guy too…i wonder why they didn't ask him to replace Kara or Ellen?

  5. Ellen gone, yeah! Kara gone, yeah! Keep Randy! J Lo would be exceptional along with Harry C Jr to replace Simon. Christina McBride would be great as well. That would be a well rounded judge panel, think about it!
    RW, Dallas, TX

  6. I am soooooo happy Kara is gone. She had no style. Was flirting either with Simon or Casey. She looked cheap and vulgar all last season, her comments were awful and she didn't give anyone a good advise.
    Sad that Ellen quit though. Even she is not an experienced musician she brought freshness to the show and her comments were always a motivation to the contestants. She might have not musical experience but she is a wonderful human being.
    I only wish Ryan Seacrest should be fired too. He was terrible this past season dancing with a man and looking all doped and high on stage. Horrible!!
    Mr. Lithgoe will change many things and as he is so intelligent and successful he will make the show good. I dont like Steven Tyler's choice but have to give him the chance to see if he will fit. J Lo will be an asset I am sure.

    • Ryan Seacrest was the reason the idol show survived for so long. Ryan is de man in the show without Ryan, the show would be dead! i love Ryan. He is de best. Keep him. I won't watch idol if Ryan is not in the show.

  7. I liked Kara and think the show is going down hill. hopefully the rumours are fulse and she is resigned. I won't be watching this season with Simon, Ellen and Kara gone and I predict that it will probably be the last season.
    As for the Casey James thing Randy is the one who said he should take his shirt off at the audition not Kara and then all three of the other judges were the ones that kept it going. It was just as embarrassing for Kara as it was for Casey.

    • Season 11 will be take off the bottoms. Must keep things equal. Can't just leave it as only a shirt.
      I will miss Kara. Rather look at beautiful than hear comments that don't count. Judges don't rule the show. Us people that vote are the judges.Maybe the show would like to fire us too?

  8. Yes, I thought that so much of what Kara did on the show was inappropriate and fake…oh…the tears when Big Mike performed. Her attitude towards Casey James were also inappropriate. Keep Randy. Sorry to see Ellen go although, even though I admire her and like her a lot, I agree with her statement that Idil was not the right fit for her. Steven Tyler would be awesome ( just hope he stays clean and sober)

  9. I liked Kara because her critiques were always well thought-out and independent. I learned something more about music and performing from her comments. ( I truly think she tried to quash the Casey stuff very quickly–became clearly embarrassed when Ryan pushed it at one point.) I would never have let her go. I think she was a true asset and ALWAYS gave terrific, insightful feedback to the contestants.

    I love Ellen, but I do think she was out of her element in this show. It must have been difficult to come up with a meaningful comment without the musical background necessary to talk without sounding insipid. So I think her choice in exiting was a sensible one.

    I hope Randy stays; not because I look forward to his every word. ("I dunno, Dude, just didn't do it for me" style), but because he is the last remaining original column in the judging edifice. Just wouldn't seem the same without him.

  10. Really sorry that Ellen is leaving, loved her she was so funny. If Kara goes too it will be a disaster, she is so knowledgeable and great with the contestants. Can think of anyone who could replace either of them!

  11. With all the knowledgeable musicians out there—all three could be replaced easily with work. All Randy knows is the word "Dude" and always has the same safe comment—-he is so neutral and doesn't really contribute that much to the show—–this is just MY opinion and do not mean anything mean by this—just honesty!

  12. i think this wil probally be the last season of american idol because of the changes with the judges and it doesnt have as many viewers like before it keeps going down hill

  13. I'm sorry to see Ellen go. I liked her. Kara is another story. Her flirtation with Casey was just sick. What happened to Brett Michaels? I really liked him in the running.I also like Harry C Jr/ Last season just sucked! The talent was so bad! AGT had some super talent this summer it was worth watching.! Lets get a woman in there with the flair and grace of Sharon Osborne..and Brian..ecchh …Get a new host..He was just plain stoopid! Get some REAL stars on there..Randy is a keeper so don't mess that up! 🙂

  14. Think! Think! Think! before picking the new judges! Why not let America VOTE for the new judges? Put out a huge list and then eliminate them just like the contestants?
    I would vote. After all we have to respect those judges opinions and if they are talking out of a hat it doesn't give the viewers much incentive to call in and vote…
    Think! It could be Idol's LAST SEASON if you just pick the judge you can hire for the lowest salary!

  15. I would love to see CLAY AIKEN from AI2 take over Simon. Clay has hugh Claynation fans around the world to support Season 10. He is creative, humorous, been there, has book on singing, draws crowd etc. Good choice and contestants can rest assured no remark such as "horrible". Keep Randy, his prediction is always right and he is not bias in his comments. The rest due for change. How about Celine Dion or Lady Gaga?

  16. The show was just right when it was Simon, Randy, and Paula. That all changed and the show went downhill. Just my opinion.

    • I agree.
      I think they should find another witty Englishman and a ditzy girl.

  17. Personally I think the show has had it. The only person I can think of to use because of Simon's leaving is Harry/C. My husband agrees. And he is not near as in to music as I am. Harry knows what he is doing and has the right temperament. . I think Harry can say what needs to be said in away they know he means business with out being mean. Keep Randy! He is so sweet. And I think he has been in the music business long enough that he really knows what he is talking about too. I have no idea who the third judge would be. But Simon left because he made a bundle of money. And after 10 seasons of AL it is just getting boring. Last years show was boring. I really think we have had a nice ride with American Idol. And need to move on!

  18. Steven Tyler isn't the one to go with. That would be a very big mistake. There has to be someone out there that is normal that can do this job of judging. Come on, find them!

  19. Steven Tyler just does NOT have the clout, personality (or "chops" as Randy would say….I think) to carry a very badly ailing American Idol! Judges are needed, of course,with inside knowledge of and experience in the music industry (goodby Ellen )to be actually qualified to judlge talent. Steven Tyler has industry knowledge, but not the pizzaz to make me want continue watching the show. I think JLo and Harry Connic Jr would make credible judges… Regardles, AI needs an overhaul ans quickly! PS – Fiasco with Adam Lambert's loss was unexcuasable!

  20. kara,was cant,and shouldnt go around saying some of the things she said.either she is horny,or very stupid.anyways i felt she was more concerned with her own self,and when she had a favorite singer,she downplayed other singers with more talent..i think jlo will be fine ,she has been in the business,been thru all the tough times,and has major experience as a performer,something kara.or ellen lacked.

  21. no Kara don't leave i love u how about Jennifer Lopez Randy and Cara and if they want 4
    Steven Tyler,Kara,Jennifer Lopez and Randy
    dont leave kara i love u ur beautiful and have good opinoins! PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. First it was Simon then Ellen and Now Kara pleasseeee don't go Kafra ovbisoulsly Ellen didn't want to be on the nshow simon switched to X-Factor and now u i would love for u to say out of u three it would be great for all of u to stay but that is not going to happen . But it would be u and simon sorry Ellen it was just too hard for u and u stumbled words but ur a great comedian so keep that up But Kara pleassseeeeee stay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I believe the last 3 seasons America has picked the wrong winners. Without Simon things will not be the same. I can't believe that no-neck Lee won. He was terrible. Adam Lambert will be a hundred times more successful than nice guy Kris Allen. And David Cook better than Archulleta? You got to be kidding.

  24. I think Perez Hilton would be a fantastic judge..good to get rid if Kara.Sad to see Ellen go..but Perez has great taste in music,and will keep the show hopping because you either love him or hate him. Not too sure about JLO,this show needs to think outside the box!!

    • Perez!? WTF?! That would be horrible! I would stop watching, Perez knows nothing about music and doesn't have the same humor Ellen does so he can't really make a lot of people laugh. Perez is a Love or Hate, yet Ellen is a LOVE or I don't really care for her.

  25. Loved Kara. Sorry to see her go…Classy lady. I also think she was made to feel uncomfortable over the Casey James situation. Ellen added some humor and did a great job. But she does need to have a life. Wondered how she was able to do both. I love American Idol. I don't watch much tv. Am Idol has always been a must see for me. Hope it goes on forever. However it will be hard to replace Simon.

  26. Why don't they go with guest judges each season? Randy should definitely stay and have two guest judges each season. I think this would bring a much more colorful panel of judges. Sorry to see Ellen leave, I liked her as a judge. Kara, not one of my fav judges, wish her the best.

  27. glad to see kara gone.. there was something about her from day one that got under my skin.

  28. I think the new judges for next season must have qualities and experiences to improve the top 12 in their potentials and not being put down or criticized further but to enhance,upgrade and spot their skills,elements and talents and make those areas better and not choose wrong songs that are not their elements. Last year the judges were giving the kids hard time eg Casey getting all the judges critiques in the wrong areas and giving him all the wrong songs that dampened him instead of ,making him more confident and look at Lee making him look so nervous and Siobhan was good and talented but was downplayed!!!. The judges love to insult the kids to make themselves look outstanding and popular with their comments without any sensitivity and consideration for these poor kids' future who have left home,school,job and spend half year just to make it and these judges behave like having a good time themselves and laughing to the bank for doing that. These kids' future are in their hands. I think instead of judges, they should change to coaches. Coach them instead of judge them. The judges are the Americans! How about for a change. Get professional singing/talent coaches, not roaches.

  29. I'm not sad at all to see Kara go.. She was awful as a judge. I must say that I will miss Ellen's humor. She did add something to a rather boring Season, to say the least. I think J.Lo will be very good for the show and the ratings. I, too, hope that they go with three judges and not four.

    On a special note: To all my Adam fan's out there…..I finally got to see him at Mandalay Bay this weekend and he was AWESOME. I stood up and danced for four hours and it was well worth it. He is just awesome…..Glad he didn't win AI because now he is performing and doing it his way….I love it……

  30. What does J. Lo have to contribute with? It doesn't make sense, seems more like just finding a big name to draw in viewers, but I fail to see how she can judge?

  31. wow its kinda like randy stayed from the old days and kara , ellen, simon, and paula left him all alone and j .lo and tyler well i guess they could be good judges if they wanted to be

    • So would I.I would eliminate the Middle-of-the-Road and keep the Excellence,and do it with flair..

  32. I agree! Jlo??????Why????
    I havewatched every season but with Simon and Paula and now the other two gone, the show will go away this year! If it doesn't get dropprd before it comes on. Sad to see it go. I'll be watching Simon's new show.

  33. American Idol is doomed. For several years now, the winner wins purely on his/her states support, not talent as it should be. They should perhaps adapt the Dancing With The Stars system where the judges' collective votes equal those brought in by the masses. It is so counter-productive when Aiken, Lambert, Dougherty, Bowersox lose out in the finals to cellphone technology. And who is auditing those claims of 40 million votes …were those just from USA?

  34. Kara was terrible, annoying, delivered canned,. staged comments, stupid and irrelevant. She was a camera hog and a poser and a shameless hound dog with an agenda! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE! She was unwatchable! S-U-C-K-E-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I like her, she has enough music experience and knows what she was talking about, she is a music producer and a GREAT singer.

  35. It really doesn't matter about the judges. Since Simon is gone, it's really pointless. He was the last person who tried to make the show interesting. The last good show was Season 3, with a few good singers after that (Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, Adam Lambert, and Carrie Underwood). The show should be cancelled.

    • I agree. I will be watching whatever new show Simon is on.
      …unless there is a really,really good singer on Idol.

  36. It won't ever be the same without Simon. I liked Kara because she's really good at judging. Ellen is very nice and I love her show, but she was wrong for AM. Looking forward to seeing JLo this year. Not sure about Steven, though…

  37. Kara's fired? I'm not surprised. I'll bet you any money it was because of her 'flirting' with Casey James, or her attitude with Andrew Fenlon. Adding a fourth judge to the show in Season 8 was a bad move, but HER as the fourth judge was even worse move. As for Ellen, yeah sure, she was funny and added a comical flair to the show, but where's her musical background?

    The show is pretty much confirmed to be reverting to three judges, which is a good move. Bring Paula back to the show, and get Harry Connick Jr. to replace Simon.

  38. I don't like those changes.. I would for Kara to stay, Randy can stay or leave I don't care..

    And I really don't want Jennifer Lopez or steven tyler as judges.

    If only Justin Timberlake would've said yes.. 😛

    Or well, am I the only one that thinks Neil Patrik Harris will be perfect? Too bad he's busy ..><

    Anyway, whay to you think about Nigel Lythgoe – the returning exec that want to cancel the Top 24?? Outrages, isn't it??

  39. With Paula and Simon gone, so is my desire to watch the show. Put a fork in AI, it's done.

  40. I am personally sad to see Simon go of all people! Yes, he was harsh at times, but for their benefit. His comments were meant to make them stronger, fight back and prove him wrong! That's what he wanted to see and that's why he did it! Common sense if you know your music. I'm an avid fan of American Idol and I've seen every season and every show, I've also been right every season on the winner and voted myself every week. It's gonna be very hard to replace Simon. In my opinion, Shania Twain would be an excellent choice for a new judge this season or a female version of Simon Cowell (Avril Lavigne) she's very honest and true to music. A male would have to be either Harry Connick Jr. or Barry Manilow….two wonderful musicians with talent and critique, they were brilliant mentors too! Curious to see what this season will bring!

  41. I'm sad to see Kara go, she was a good judge. Ellen, I love her but AI isn't a good match for her. Harry Connick Jr. would be GREAT! the judging pannel should be Randy, Kara , Harry and Vicoria Beckham would be good. I heard she was turned down last season to replace Paula but that would be MY perfect pannel.

  42. American idol needs to keep the show real. They need to find real people to be judges and not ones that are out there. J Lo would have been an excellent choice. Simon,Paula and Randy were great together. I think they should keep it at three as well. I think that Harry Connic Jr. would be fantastic. These are real people and not weird. It is too bad it couldn't be Harry, J Lo and Randy. That would keep the viewers interested. Last year the two women involved in juding were not a good mix. I hope they find good judges because it will make or break the show.

  43. I think that Steven Tyler will be AWESOME as an American Idol Judge, I would like to see Mariah Carrie as an American Idol Judge, I feel that Jennifer Lopez will be an Ok judge also. I am going to miss Kara, and she had a great background of writing songs, for the part!!! I would not be dissapointed if Paula Abdul was to come back also!!! !!! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SIMON COWELL COME BACK EVEN MORE!!!!!

  44. i think the show will suck without simon so there is only one real true replacement for him and that is the rude guy from amaricas got talent pierce morgan hes just like simon he would be the best fix to simons leaveing and make the show still watchable

  45. SEE YA Kara!!! 🙂 She tries too hard to be like Simon. I do believe they can find someone better than J. Lo (will not watch if she is a judge) Reba would be an excellent choice or even Melissa Peterman. I think they would bring some life to Idol.

  46. Well since Ellen is gone and they are bringing Steven Tyler and J Lo i will never watch Idol again I have watched since day one but not anymore .

  47. If j lo will become one of the judges I will never watch the show. She can't sing or act. The american idol will suck. My entire will not watch the American idol if we see her sitting on one of the judges chair.

  48. dont particularly like her at all, way to full
    of herself. like where do u come off. hello i
    dont know maybe shes the type you really have
    to get to know to then give her a chance

  49. With Paula gone and now SIMON gone I may not even watch the show. The last two years have produced the wrong winners. We all know why Adam was not picked even though he was far beyond the most talented. Why not put him in his rightful place regardless of his personal preferences – There are already lots in Los Angeles/Hollywood. Then there was David Cook and David Archuletta who was so far above David Cook it wasn't even funny. Was it age or what? The three original judges were partly what made up the fun of the show. Have no use for Kara, what a snob – no one could be right except her. What an ego. I love El;len aand she is so funny & sweet but not really any music talent much less judge for singers. Randy is the only one left and if they want to keep the show going they better find some more like the originals, (Randy Included) so we really only need two new judges. Maybe Harry C. Jr would be good if he can be honest and not afraid of someone's feelings as long as the criticism is correct. Simon and Randy were right most of the time. Ryan Secrist should have been gone the 2nd year. The only thing he has is his want to be on television. He is rude, obnoxious and knows nothing about music. He is so ignorant he must go.

  50. With Kara and Ellen leaving the show is def going to tank this year. It's bad enough that Simon left, and as crude as he could be at times he did bring a certain element to the show. Kara was good with the advice that she gave given her singing and producing music. It's a shame that she's not going to be there and with so many new judges coming in at once the show is most likely to not do so well. People generally don't like change when it comes to television shows and I think that this change could potentially bring idol to an end, although not a huge tragedy since the past few years have not been great

  51. Last season was a disaster because the judges did not take the selection of the original contestants seriously. They picked many people just to make them feel good. Most of the final 25 were pathetic when you look at the fact they had hundreds of thousands to choose from. That is why viewership was down by millions. Kara was meaningless to the show with all of her “you need to become the song” drivel, flirting with contestants, and playing around with Simon. Ellen contributed nothing to the show. Randy is Randy – he is the foundation and I’m thankful he’s still with them. Simon was the star, but stars move on.

    I believe Jennifer Lopez will contribute more than Paula, Kara, and Ellen combined, but that is yet to seen. Steven Tyler has VERY SUCCESSFULLY run an enterprise (Aerosmith) for THIRTY YEARS!!! He has been in charge of everything from song selections for albums and concerts to the finances. He is a seasoned, wise, talented, and humorous individual. I guarantee you, without Steven there would be no Aerosmith. I believe he is an intelligent selection for the panel and a smart replacement for Simon.

    One more thing, it is shallow-minded to be upset that “your favorite” was not selected. My favorite has been selected about 35 – 40 % of the time and I’m surprised it’s that high. Think of all of the different tastes people have in music, not to mention how much the contestant’s personalities play a part. With the exception of last year, my wife and I have looked forward to every show. It’s generally entertaining from the first to the last show. It’s real simple… stop whining or stop watching.

  52. AI was Simon's show – it grew up around his jaw-dropping remarks and menacing cruel-to-be-kind approach – without which AI will peter out slow – of course the talent was secondary.

  53. I can't understand all these comments about "if this or that one is a judge, I won't watch". American Idol is not about the judges. It's about the talent of young people in the US! There isn't a single judge that can't be replaced because most people don't tune in to listen to the opinions of any of them. They watch to hear some good singing and, hopefully, even great. If the obviously wrong people win, that just reflects who is voting out there. Anyway, what does it matter? The winners don't always have the best careers. It's the showcase that counts and I hope AI never fizzles out.

  54. I am glad Simon is out, he has done too many wrong opinion to those who perform for their lives and were brilliant. And he is so arrogant, he thought that the show is all about him, wrong!. Kara wasn't good too, only Paula knew how to give constrictive criticisms, I loved her. Well Randy is just okay, this is why he is still there. I think that best thing just happened to idol, Steve is in!!! Great idea, thanks god, somebody is still thinking there! Jennifer, do not know, so far so good, will see what she can do for show.

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