Is American Idol Going To Be Cancelled?

With declining ratings in mind many fans are asking if American Idol is going to be cancelled after the 2014 season ends. A new report from the very reliable The Idol Pad just might have the answer as we wait for the official word from FOX.

American Idol stage sign
American Idol stage sign – Source: FOX

According to TIP, American Idol will be renewed for its fourteenth set and will return in early 2015, but there will be changes.

Similar to what we’re seeing this week with the shortened results show, American Idol 2015 will shift to a smaller scale with some big differences:

Plans are already in order to scale back season 14 by about a month as well as consolidate the show into one-night-per-week, rather than the traditional two-night format.

Shortening the season doesn’t sound that bad considering each installment runs more than four months. Ugh that’s a lot. But I don’t like the news that they’d try to cut things back to just one night a week. Where’s the suspense in voting and then waiting a week to find out what happens next? And can they really not find 30 minutes in their line-up to squeeze in a results show? I find that hard to believe.

What do you think of these potential changes for American Idol next year? Would you like to see things scale back to just one night a week and a shorter season or would these moves just weaken the show’s well known format too much? Share your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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