Is American Idol Going To Be Cancelled?

With declining ratings in mind many fans are asking if American Idol is going to be cancelled after the 2014 season ends. A new report from the very reliable The Idol Pad just might have the answer as we wait for the official word from FOX.

American Idol stage sign
American Idol stage sign – Source: FOX

According to TIP, American Idol will be renewed for its fourteenth set and will return in early 2015, but there will be changes.

Similar to what we’re seeing this week with the shortened results show, American Idol 2015 will shift to a smaller scale with some big differences:

Plans are already in order to scale back season 14 by about a month as well as consolidate the show into one-night-per-week, rather than the traditional two-night format.

Shortening the season doesn’t sound that bad considering each installment runs more than four months. Ugh that’s a lot. But I don’t like the news that they’d try to cut things back to just one night a week. Where’s the suspense in voting and then waiting a week to find out what happens next? And can they really not find 30 minutes in their line-up to squeeze in a results show? I find that hard to believe.

What do you think of these potential changes for American Idol next year? Would you like to see things scale back to just one night a week and a shorter season or would these moves just weaken the show’s well known format too much? Share your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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  1. Might as well cancel it. The show jumped the shark forever when they hired Nicki Minaj as a judge.

    • This season is so bad, that it is actually painful to watch. Not one talented singer. Ugh. Please cancel this awful show. What a waste of time.

  2. Since Nicki was on, the entire show has gone down in viewers. Doubt it will ever recover…………..

  3. Bring back the integrity of the show. Call a bad performance as it is! Simon was rather harsh but it did good to many as it motivated them to go beyond their comfort zone. Harry who started right has morphed into a JLo-Simon freak to please the crowd. Truth is diminished and the contestants become lazy and under-achievers. Harry should stay on true to his craft and forget about JLo and Keith’s crowd-pleasing stance. Also, get real mentors and make this the center stage of the program. How raw talent can ignite to become phenomenal. Either make Harry a coach or bring back McPhee who both have the heart to critique and teach.

    • I’ve always disliked this show for exactly what it is. It makes money by exploiting very young performers who volunteer for the sake of improving their chances of “making it” in the music business.
      Don’t mistake this program for a talent show or an altruistic venue that is designed to help aspiring artists reach their dreams. It is neither. It is a TV show like any other, produced for one reason only – to make a profit. And the perceived value of the art showcased is secondary to the profit it generates; “Pants on the Ground” indeed.

      I have never agreed with the relished cruelty all in the name of being honest. The producers and the judges know long before the show airs who the top/featured artists will be. But, there are cruel and cutting remarks directed to contestants who never make it to the finals and are known to not make it to the finals long before those remarks are televised world-wide. Those contestants face nothing but a return to their school hallways with publicized humiliation.

      The ratings have been in decline and as such the program has been modified. The producers responded this season by adding new and exhibited cruelty. The most clear examples being the bus ride and the live cut of 10 contestants before they could even perform. Those 10 contestants were in the top 31, they signed (I’m assuming) the same contracts as all 31, yet they never even had a chance to be showcased and make that binding contract a price worth paying. They signed away their immediate future and yet gained nothing but yet another humiliation on live television. If anyone can correct me on that contract issue please do.

      So this is the bind AI is in and why the decline in ratings and why the rumors of being cut back and/or cancelled. To make the program shocking and exciting the producers decided that being cruel was the answer. I think the viewing public has responded; we did not enjoy watching young children savaged by panels staffed with mediocre judges (with all due respect to Randy and Keith) and we did not enjoy watching a search for talent by the program and 19 Records that was really just a search for the AI talent mold du jour – just look at the talent you can enjoy all over youtube compared to most of these contestants.

      I do not expect the producers to be smart enough to change direction and with that the program will continue to dwindle and it becomes an open parody of itself. I think you will see more foolishness, more cruelty and more talented kids that are cookie cutter molded. What kind of talent is produced by a talent program where the most well known and highest paid person from the show is the spokesmodel?

      A final thought on this… if Paul and John were on this television program:
      1. They would be imitating popular acts – which they did *before* anyone cared about their music.
      2. They would be singing songs not their own – which they did *before* they wrote all their hits.
      3. 19 Records would own their futures – which has the imagination of a squid.
      4. And, by definition, one of them would lose.

      • Hey, AI is just a simple entertainment show designed to earn money like most shows. No need for a protracted philosophical tirade. If all your points are taken seriously, the world will just float in ideological limbo. Although some of your arguments are valid, you forget that people have their own free will. When one enters a competition, critical review is an essential element of the program. For which reason, AI should increase the age requirement because teenagers may not be matured enough to handle the heat. Also, in the effort to increase their ratings, AI should refrain from dramatizing the indignity which the losing contestants experienced. The bus trip to LAX was like “leading the lambs to their slaughter”. Equally accountable are the overly-ambitious parents who are supposedly the guardians of these tender minds. AI should take a break for a year to re-calibrate their program.

      • If its that big of a deal simply dont watch the program. It is what is and there will always be change. Some for the good and some not so good. You said it, it is a TV show. So watch it and enjoy it or turn the channel. And WHY would you put a show ON TV but not only to make money? You really did not state that. I don’t believe there is NOT ONE THING ON TV that is not on there to get payed. NO ONE WOULD BE ON TV THEN. The voice is a good show and fun to watch. You might want to just stick to watcing that. I wish the X Factor wouldn’t have been canceled it was also good. All said and done, people watch these show for the own reasons not yours or anyone else’s.

    • I agree, they need Simon back to do any good,, the judges are not Simon…. the contestant’s are not all that good this year.. they let the best one’s go early…..

    • Please stop with the Adam Lambert crap. He lost because he wasn’t the favorite. One guy losing wouldn’t hurt this show this much. I think Danny should have won that year. The show started losing credibility when Taylor Hicks beat Elliott, Chris and Katherine. Then the show trashed Taylor who did win and shouldn’t have been treated like a winner not Chris. Then that guy beat boxed his way into the finale. Forgot his name. It should have been Jordin and Melinda not that guy who couldn’t sing. The WGWG winning year after year hurt them. Also the thing that is killing the show is the fact that they stopped putting people through that would make for drama like Sangaya and Kelly Pickler. The people are boring and they all sing good but not that great. The judges are good but boring. Even Ryan is getting boring.

      • Please don’t get me wrong, I rooted for Chris, not Adam. However, reality is we have to admit that Lambert’s voice range is wider. All I am trying to say is that the playing field should never be adjusted simply for political correctness like what they did this season. Be that as it may, I agree with most of your observations. But then again, AI is all about what the fans want. Maybe, AI should think of a strategy to strap the idiots behind WGWG, right?

    • That’s the problem with life in general…Nobody learns how to lose anymore…Everybody needs to have that pat on the back…”It’s ok…you really don’t suck…” It is OUR fault that this complacency has been allowed to continue…

  4. Hopefully this will be a wake up call to Idol. Yes it has been a long time for this show and I’m still watching it. They just canceled X Factor and if they do to Idol….what to do with that much space.

  5. also they are not having the guest starts that would work with the contestants. That also upped ratings. The talent this year is bad. Simon must be rolling his eyes. I think the judges should mentor the contestants.

  6. The result show should only be a half hour, doing 1 min recaps of contestants talent from the night before

  7. OMG I love this show. Love Keith Urban and J Lo and Harry, best panel they have had for years. Keith Urban my favorite !!!

    • I love american idol. The judges;keith urban is a great judge. He is the the best judge since simon left. Keith really tries to be helpful to the contestants. Harry is a great judge but a little more harsh. I think he is really trying to help the contestants with his criticism but its embarrassing and hurtful at the same time. I dont think anyone can get away with that type constructive criticism but simon cowell. J lo us a fabulous singer and actress but shes my least favorite. Ive talked to many people and keith is the favorite. He has a certain quality about him.the contestants this year are not impressive as in the past.with that being said i think it should be shortened somehow.. Maybe the very beginning they shouldnt lusten to so many before they pick who moves on. Anyway im happy its not being cancelled. The show is too great to take off air. Congrats to keith for a job well done very tasdtefully.

  8. Last year when they sent Johnny Keyser home Imo, they blew it. This year they seem to want a girl winner again, I saw some real talented people turned away that should have been picked over their wild cards. In truth Spencer should have stayed, instead they pick someone who sings off key at times. It’s not right.

  9. The real problem is that the contestants are just not up to standard. I like the judges however the standard is far lower than last year.

  10. They should cancel it rather than cut it back. It has jumped the shark and JLo is a weak judge. She wants to save everybody. Harry is the only judge with the cajones to tell the them truth.

  11. Id like to see 1 vote per person period .. not 50 not text phone and facebook ..just one make it real. Love the judges this year so much . .. really great chemstry. did not like the beginning of the show when a bunch of folks were sent on a bus to the airport .. that was harsh. the talent isn’t so great this year .. but there are at least 4 that are really really good … its all about that single 1 anyway … 2 nights is best I want to see the results of my vote quickly … still watching after all these years!

  12. I think the Voice is by far the Best Music Competition there is, Good Bye american Idol, Its Been Nice to Know YOU!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Terri-Ann Gentile Dello Russo

  13. 14th years later ughhhh 14 years ago excite me and I voted a lot but now sux Keith is good feedback JLO is alright Harry oh please. Never want to listen to him at all. I watch The Voice the most now

  14. I thought they had good talent after the auditions, But seeing them in the shows, I’ve changed my mind. In previous years I’ve always had a favorite, nut this year I’m hard pressed to find one.I don’t like the new set. Wish they would have kept it where it was before.

    • Caleb is the best! Just needs to make good song choices every week. But I always prefer rock!

  15. I like how the show is this year if they deside to do one night the we srill need the results. It might just be me but I think this year they have done great with everything keeping u informed about everything its great!!!

  16. @Matt…..I remember way back when there were over 400 emails on my computer after a show or a result show. The response its not the same anymore. Unfortunately, things don’t look so good for AI. To me, the talent is not the same quality but the bright side is I do like the chemistry that the judges have this season. I really hope that if next season is the last one that they bring back the original three judges. Bring back all the winners of American Idol and let America know what they are up to instead of all the hype prior to the present contestants singing. JMHO.

  17. I think that the show should allow the fans to vote on the top 20 rather than the judges! And I think the voting should wait until the end of the show, otherwise it is all about popularity and not about how well they did or didn’t sing that night. And keep it one night of singing and one 30 minute show on vote results that would work well.

  18. I think viewers no longer have confidence in the judges decisions. And don’t get me started on the judges just happening to have records coming out. Get 3 talent agent (like Cowell & Jackson) unknowns and let them mentor and pick the first 50. Then let the public choose them all after that. As it stands now it looks rigged and the focus is o n the judges instead of the contestants. You don’t see singers that suck on The Voice. The people they cut are better than all of AI.

  19. I agree that the talent was sub-par this year and the judges did not choose good prospects. I think the judges let too many really poor singers through ! ! ! ! The show is BORING this season; there’s too much silly, ridiculous waste of time things aired with the contestants. We just want to hear singing.

  20. They cut a lot of ppl who i have liked to that guy with the dreads who brought his kids in and jlow held his baby girl. A lot of them sshudnt even be in the top ten whos there imj

  21. I havent watched American Idol since the start. But ever since each of the “origninal” judges have left this show just isn’t the same. And I think has gone down hill because of all the competition with the other singing shows (like the voice x factor ect). Maybe some changes will do this show good and will have to be for the best. There has been some AWESOME musicians on here dont get me wrong. I just think this show isn’t as enjoyable anymore and its NOT the same!

  22. My opinion is if you have talent, you will get the viewers!! The Voice slamdunks Idol right now…if Idol continues on the path it’s on, it will be cancelled…

  23. I agree that the votes should be limited to 1 per person to help get more accurate counts. I think this year’s talent is great! I am also enjoying the judging and the judges. I’ve been watching from the beginning and am so grateful that we did not have to be subjected to another season of Nikki and Mariah bickering. I think a shortened season would be good, but I still think it’s going to be a requirement that it be over 2 nights. How else do you get to have voters opinions?

  24. I don’t see how it would work with only one night. The sad thing is that this season’s contestant, in my opinion, are just not very interesting. There’s nobody I’m rooting for or care much about. That’s not helping matters. Too many big Southern dudes. Not enough variety, for one.

  25. talent stinks this year. I also think Simon needs to come back .. they need to up the age as well.

  26. I still like it very much. Love all the judges and like that they are kind to the contestants. I think you have to have 50 votes per person so that you can vote for all the people you don’t want to see get voted off. If you only get one vote, you can’t pick your two or three favorites. They could do eliminations in a half hour time slot the next night instead of the 30 minutes, or they could do like DWTS and share the votes from the week before and combine them with the judges scoring to do an elimination the same night as the singing. This year’s talent is good, just different. I wonder if the different studio had anything to do with them sounding out of key at first.

  27. One night per week worked well for So You Think You Can Dance, so why not for American Idol?

  28. Well I started watching AI when Scottie McCreery won. I thought the talent was really good that year. I became a fan of the show that year. I have to say I never did like group night. I didn’t get the sense of staying up till dawn trying to put an act together only to be too exhausted to perform. The group night should go. I really enjoyed the learning process the contestants went through because they grew into a performer. I don’t mind that it is scaled back but the bus ride was just mean. I miss Jimmy and the mentors they had. So if they keep reformatting and scaling down it won’t be worth watching.

  29. I think it makes sense to only have one show a week…it is stupid to have an entire show for the results when it only takes a minute to announce the results.

  30. Shortening the Season by 1 month yes! But everything else no! IDOL has stopped focusing on the music a LONG TIME AGO! They focus on the judges fighting, Ford Commercials and doing TRIBUTES To certain stars or genre just to get fans… The VOICE is a much better show, its about the music, the store of the contestant and watching them DEVELOPE and actually COMPETE “Battles, Knock Outs” and so on… IDOL NEEDS TO GET BACK TO THE MUSIC…. The show will survive…

  31. I love the chemistry with all three judges this season!! I personally feel like this is the best season since Simon left! The only thing I would change, is that each person voting, was only allowed one vote per contestant.

  32. No, please don’t cancel. Once we get moved into our house and getting settled in I will be watching it again. I still love American Idol and do not want to see it go.

    • please dont cancel…it must be on judging not voting on a web its unfair for the contestant…the judges has the power to judge and give comments to the contestants… if the people will judge what is the use of the highly recommended singers and writers to judge the contestants… the judges know well the songs that the contestant singing and the quality of their voices ..

  33. They did that with DWTS and it sucks. I will have to say the talent just isnt there this year. Not enjoying as much as in past years. Dont think the judges did very good in pickin the best contestants.

  34. revamp. Randy is useless, just as whatsisname was before him. Jimmy whatever. I like AND respect the judges now and they are enjoyable. Less contestant BS, more singing. With all the reality shows out there that have drama, people don’t want that from a singing contest. And please, make it a singing contest, not an emotional festival. I hate wanting someone to stay on the show for some reason other than talent. Don’t make me feel that way. People don’t DESERVE to win because they were in foster care or survived cancer. They DESERVE to win because they are GOOD.

  35. I love idol. I dont think they should change to one night a week, if they do then ppl will stop watching because he show will be dragged out and you have to wait so ong to get an answer who wants that? No one! Talent is good but it isnt great! But.. Every year cant be the best know? I like the show ive watched it ever since it started and would hate to see anything different. The result show is somewhat long and aslo dragged out but its only one hour i dont if they shorten that part cause all we want to know is who is going home and who is staying. Also the voting is and has always been about popularity! Thats why it’s called American idol it s about who America idolizes! That how iy is supposed to be. Vote how you want it doesnt matter your vote still counts wether you vote once or 50 times. Enough said.

  36. i thought this season would be a lot better because of the change of the judges, but clearly it is not. i think the fault is of choosing the contestants. In this season all of them are boring. no offense but if these contestants had auditioned for ”the voice” or even ”x factor” they would not have made it to the shows.

  37. AI did make a lot of changes this year and really is there a
    shortage of viewers or is it that the show itself just been on to long?

    I like the changes Harry is perfect for the show…
    Jennifer nice to see she is dressing for
    family viewing… Keith is better he seems
    more comfortable this year… and the judges complement each other well… I
    do miss Jimmy as the mentor Randy has no clue he never has for me anyway…

    I believe the only way to shorten the season is to shorten
    what is aired in finding the talent… and perhaps if you did have to go to one
    day a week at the start of the show you
    could do the eliminations then pressed to the evening… cutting out the other
    filler that is used… but the final show would have to be a 2 night event…

    I enjoy the show and would miss it if it was cancelled…

  38. much as i hate to say it, the show has overstayed its welcome. it was great when it was the only game in town but now it has gotten stale, especially when it comes to talent. the really talented singers are going to the other shows.

  39. its just up against two other shows we record and we cant watch a third one on this stupid dvr.

  40. I have loved this program evry season it’s been on I did have some problem with the show when I Artist were voted off the show in past seasons and welcome any changes the show may bring, but don’t cancell the show just yet!

  41. Harry is the BEST things that’s happened to Idol since Simon- whom I miss even tho he lacked tact sometimes. Raise the age limit to 20 is a good idea. These children aren’t artists yet and can’t take the real criticism. Results show the next night is NEEDED!
    Don’t cancel Idol,
    but treat contestants with more respect than to fly them into a town only to humiliate them with immediate dismissal!! Stop with the shock value and just produce a talent show.
    Bring Simon back, and have Harry on the other end. In the middle- choose an artist who writes her own material and knows music terms and can speak in an educated manner- like Sarah Bareillis or Jewel. Did you see her on the sing off? Three honest judges. Keith and J Lo are ok but too much general and shallow advice.
    Keep Idol Going!!! Raise the standards, but keep it going!

  42. I think they need to go back to doing what they did in the First Season! If they can’t PERFORM, they shouldn’t be on IDOL!!! Some of the contestants simply cannot PERFORM even though they have a voice….BORING!!!

  43. I’d like to see the show shortened to one night a week. I love the judges this year, there is no drama, but good healthy conflict from time to time to keep things interesting. Keith is so much more confident at this job, and I think he gives fair feedback, J-Lo, adds the sensitivity but honesty as well. Harry is great honest and straight forward, it is needed on this show.
    At first I wasn’t crazy about the talent this year, but I realize this is the overall youngest group ever, and it a way it is good to see the competition between these contestants who are truly growing. Some need a bit of a manner check, but then again that is what you get with a younger group of contestants. This is why we need Harry these kids will have to face up to much harder critiques if they plan on going on in this profession, Harry should never apologize for being fair and honest in his opinions.

  44. I sometimes feel the sway of votes based on the
    judges liking or disliking a performer. It is evident when one is on
    top one week and sinks to the bottom the next… and the judges
    made negative comments…. not constructive critiques… but outright
    negative comments. Don’t see that as the job of the judges…that
    is what we didn’t like about Simon. He was mean spirited when it
    was not necessary. Ben was the example I can think of. He did
    what they asked of him… made a song his own by not following
    Elton John’s rendition… and was then told he should have pounded
    the piano like Elton did and etc. I really thought that was a point
    of frustration for him and possibly an outburst that got him canned.
    ..The judges decide who they want to win and push for the votes
    in that direction as much as possible. I think the audience of
    older people see this and have lost interest. I have this year.
    The young audience of 12-16 year old kids ultimately choose
    the winner influenced by the judges comments.

  45. The ratings have been slumping for years, and this year they have plummeted. It is obvious that public interest is at an all time low, and there probably isn’t a damned thing they can do to bring the juggernaut back to its former glory. And really, it’s a law of nature that everything must die, and that people move on. 14 seasons? That’s just way too many seasons for a talent show, and the show has just overstayed it’s welcome. The show premiered at a time BEFORE social networking and current trends, so it’s a miracle it has even survived as long as it has. It will be cancelled, absolutely. But not for 2015. I imagine 2015 will be the year of complete fallout and total failure, and 2016 will be the final year to send it off on a rather puny whimper. “It’s better to die the hero than live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. And “The Voice” isn’t what killed American Idol. American Idol killed American idol. Simon Cowell and Company abandoned this ship long ago, knowing the ship was sinking. I’m surprised Ryan is still on board, since he could get a job practically anywhere and be fine. The panel is a mish-mash of complete randomness, and the entire premise has become a farce, and whatever “value” it contributed to society has long since faded into obscurity. American Idol will go down in television history as one of the more tragic tales, the tale of the show that didn’t know when to stop, and bled out all over the stage (in front of a live audience, mind you). Just go back and watch the first season or two: they actually felt real and genuine, as though it was a legitimate talent show looking for great singers. Now it’s just a bunch of shine and glitter sprinkled over a decomposed carcass. It’s not a coincidence that the amount of “SHINE!!!!” that coats the stage is directly proportional to the number of viewers: the fewer the viewers, the “glossier” the show becomes. They don’t know how to stop bleeding viewership, so they revert to the tried and true tactic of “coat the crap in rainbows and perhaps they come back”. There isn’t a thing they will be able to do to return to the 20+ million viewership, because we have all just gotten tired of the whole schtick. It doesn’t matter how many judges you have, or if you let the contestants play instruments, or bring on special guests, or coat the stage in gloss and acrylic, these are all stalling tactics that have nothing to do with the fact that the format is the same. Nothing is new. It’s all just a run through the same worn out mill over and over, with the same predictable end. We’ve all just grown up and lost interest. It happens. It’s life. And the sooner American Idol can accept that, the sooner we can bury it and give it a nice tombstone that says “Sorry for wasting your time”.

  46. What hurts american Idol is poor talent and the judges; JLO is soooo into herself; Harry is a find entertainer but cannot vocalize his expertise, stutters too much; Keith is always jumping around on his seat, as though he’s high on caffein. Cancel the show, the Voice has good talent and judging is sensible and constructive.

  47. Well if AI continue another season like this they might as-well close down production’s.

  48. Guess i am the only one who actually is enjoying the show this year. Love harry as judge, does a great job and a couple of the contestants I really like. Hated last season though. was the only season that i stopped watching it mid way through

  49. I think American Idol jumped the shark when Jessica Sanchez lost the finale to Phillip Phillips.

  50. I agree with the comments on the voting being unfair. I think going to one vote per phone line is a good suggestion. The reason voting up to 50 times does become a popularity contest rather then a talent contest. I agree the show should be condensed to a shorter time. Instead of the four month long season, it should be reduced to three months. The results show could be shortened to half an hour and all could be accomplished I believe. I also would like to see more mentoring and working with the contestants to help them get better as the voice does. The difference between the voice and Idol is the fact that the voice contestants are mostly all ready professionals. I don’t believe the judges job should include coercion of the American public. Their main job should be to strengthen the contestants, and make them better performers. Let America decide on the winner without the judges influence. I do like both shows and agree that they should keep both of them on the air. Both should learn from the other on the good things that are being done and incorporate them in their show.

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