American Idol Judges: Who Should They Use the Save For?

American Idol judges Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban appeared very distressed over the decision of whether or not to use their ‘save’ to keep MK Nobilette from going home this week. We have to wonder if the American Idol 2014 judges were so upset over MK going home, but didn’t use their save to rescue her, will they actually use it at all this season? If so, which contestant is worth using it to keep from going home?

American Idol 2014 judges

J-Lo was in tears as MK gave her final performance on the American Idol 2014 results show before her elimination. We can only guess she probably voted for MK to stay, but the vote was not unanimous and MK was sent home. While we predicted that the judges would not save MK Nobilette, it got us to thinking about which finalist they would chose to save — if any — should they end up getting voted off by the viewers.

If the American Idol judges are going to use the save at all, they don’t have much longer to do so before it gets taken away. This would have been an opportunity to save a popular contestant whom the judges seem to really like, but they choose not to do it. So why would they not save MK if they do plan on using their save this season at some point?

Well, we are going to be the American Idol 2014 judges have specific finalists in mind to save if they should somehow end up on the chopping block thanks to the voters. In particular, we think that if Dexter Roberts — who was in the bottom two this week — lands on the bottom, they will save him. Ditto for Sam Woolf, Alex Preston, Caleb Johnson, Malaya Watson, and Jena Irene Ascuitto.

We previously thought they would save Majesty Rose York or CJ Harris if either of them ended up in last place, but now we think that might be questionable. Majesty and CJ have both made some very bad song choices in recent weeks and have kind of lost their ‘shine’ as favorite contestants. Still, it is possible the judges might use their save on one of them. We guess that the judges would be more likely to save Majesty than CJ, however, just because of her youth and more engaging personality.

The person we think is in most danger of going home if she ends up on the bottom and only has the judges’ save to rescue her is Jessica Meuse. While she’s a popular contestant, and has had some great performances, we just don’t get the impression that the American Idol judges see her as having ‘star’ potential. (Not that we agree with them!) We don’t think they’ll get the chance to let Jessica go home without using their save, but if she did end up on bottom before they lose it, we think they might just let the voters send her packing.




  1. For me, Jessica is the most Save worthy. Country music doesn’t need Dexter when they already have Zac Brown Band etc. Alex will never be more than a small venue/coffee house performer. Sam needs a lot of maturing [see Beiber], same goes for Jena and Malaya. Majesty is forgettable, Caleb is beating a dead horse [R&R], and CJ can’t face life in the spotlight. Jessica is the only one with a bit of star quality. This is only my opinion.

    • Alex may win the whole thing. If he ended up in the bottom of the votes, they would use the save for Alex. I also think they would use it for Caleb or Sam, not so sure about anyone else, maybe Malaya.

  2. IMO, the only ones worthy of the save are Jessica, Caleb, and Alex, who I think should be this year’s Top 3. They’d save Caleb because he’s the judges favorite this year and has an amazing voice. They would never lose him. Alex because they’ve loved him since his audition. If he sang an original song as his save-me song, the save is a gimme. And Jessica. She’s the only real original, gritty performer on the show. And plus, she’s the only girl to never fall into the Bottom 3. Goes to show what that crazy stage mom was thinking when she tried to pick a fight with her in Hollywood Week. The others I don’t know about.

    Jena- probably not. She’s a wildcard they’ve already saved her once. I do love her voice though

    C.J.- again, not likely. Jennifer loves him so he has her vote, but probably not Harry and Keith. And he’s also a wildcard.

    Dexter- he’s country. There’s PLENTY of country singers. Plus, I don’t think Harry would vote for him because he knows that he’s inconsistent.

    Sam- Sam is a very strong maybe for the save. He’s good-looking, he’s got perfect pitch, but he’s got that deer-in-headlights look that the judges don’t like. They also want him to come out of his shell too.

    Majesty- I originally thought she would make the finale. But, now she’s been in the Bottom twice. Though she didn’t deserve to be there this week, the judges are taking notice of her inconsistency. I really do love her originality though.

    Malaya- Malaya’s also a strong maybe. She’s gotten better and better the weeks after she was in the Bottom 2. That must’ve been a scare tactic for her because she’s definitely matured and the judges seem to love her. But I don’t know if it would be a unanimous decision.

  3. We should take this for what it is from the body language of the judges. J-Lo wants to use the save every week. Keith has definitely wanted to use it at least once but I think he has not been like J-Lo every week. Then there is the voice of reason Harry who knows better than to save any of these contestants. I read his lips this week when they were discussing MK and he said something like “she has been in the bottom 3 so many times she is not going to win”. This is exactly what the save should be used for. Someone who could potentially win. No one who has been eliminated so far has a legitimate shot at winning. Harry is the only smart one when it comes to the save.

    • With that attitude in mind than why make anyone sing for the save at all. AI has become irrelevant before and is fast becoming the same. They are controlling the outcome with use of the save, by looking at “who’s worth it.” Not by the save performance itself. If one’s save performance is so good and shows a real growth and even the strongest performance (in all areas deemed “weak” by the judges in earlier performances. If someone is so “worth” a save on this program, then they probably would never likely get that close to needing the save. By singing the save and giving a “lights out performance” and then not being saved…….what is the point. Being in the bottom 3 and then facing the save could be what catapults the contestant to a new level of performance that they wouldn’t have otherwise faced. Much like any student being kicked out of college program for poor performance and then realizing “this is serious here” I better work my butt off.. It is a poor way to treat a person ( a contestant, in this case), to not save on the performance itself, but to save because there are people you’d “like to see” saved. It is using people and I have no stomach for it. AI I am a past listener, as, you have failed once again this time not because of the infighting of the judges (Ie Mariah Carey and N. Minag, but because you use people. They were not even paying attention during the save performance last week and this contestant needed to be paid attention to because it was performance they had issue with (you can’t hear performance, you have to watch performance). With vocals it is different….. something you are listening for. MK is not there any longer, but, her treatment at save time was a definite disgrace. Everyone was yelling for her save, she moved the audience more than J Lo did in her performance that evening. MK will be fine, she has gigs, recording plans, the tour and an international and national fan base at this point. AI however, may be going the way of the dinosaurs.

  4. I guess I must be bad judging because I don’t understand what everyone sees in Malaya, she sounds consistently sharp since her 2nd performance…I thought she was just ok in her audition, but IMO she should have been in the bottom 3 from week 2 on

    • I think everyone got a chance to hear what Malaya has when she did the Bruno Mars song this past week. I didn’t want to hear a girl sing a guy song, but I agree that she did a really fine performance, musically, emotionally, all of it.

  5. They should save who they think will make it in the music business(not just a likable person but a great talent)-not a Taylor Hicks or Lee Dewyze!

  6. Since the save has to be unanimous in order to be used, the question becomes who would Harry save? Also, if done as in past seasons, the save only exists until the Top 5, after which is void.

  7. Where is Branden this year? and where is Matthew? He used to say things to me. He was always nice too! Both Branden and Matthew! I have been commenting on AI for 10 years and you took off what I said??? I said something to Stormy. And what in it was so bad you took it off? Let me know on my email if it’a so bad.
    Sherry K

    • I had mine taken off too! Only remarked about Jake Bugg’s dissing of AI. No curse words?

      • Champion, it is some girl running it this year. I did not have any curse words either?? So go figure. Who knows why she took our comments off? I said something about Adam Lambert. And that JLO stuck her tongue out at Harry. Everyone watching the show saw it. And as someone said above the save will have to come from Harry! And I don’t think Harry will save anyone. The save should go to Caleb! We have a real rocker here who has stage presences and sings great rock songs.
        I loved the “Led Zepplin “song
        Sherry K

  8. Malaya, Jena and Caleb are the only persons worthy of the save. I have a feeling that one of these 3 might be eliminated 2 or 3 weeks from now. Of course, Jessica and Alex can be this season’s final 2. CJ, Sam, Dexter, Majesty (Like her but hate the song choice) are forgettable.

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