American Idol 2014: What Performances Air This Week? March 26-27, 2014

This week on American Idol 2014, the remaining Top 9 contestants hit the stage for your votes with performances putting them as the band’s lead singer.

American Idol 2014's Top 9 contestants
American Idol 2014’s Top 9 contestants – Source: FOX

Kicking off the week on Wednesday night at 8PM the contestants will be performing under the theme “I’m With The Band” where they’ll play lead singer to Rickey Minor and the band. Kinda strange, but the result means they’ll get to pick a favorite song and wow us for our votes. Now that’s a good theme, huh?

Once your votes are tallied the lights will be dimmed on Thursday night at 9PM ET/PT with a special shift in the schedule. The hour long American Idol results shows are done for the season and we’re back to just thirty minutes to find out who was voted off this week. I like that.

Also on Thursday we’ll hear from Janelle Monae who is debuting her new single “What Is Love?” on the American Idol stage.

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We’re getting closer to discovering which finalist will become the next American Idol! Who do you think it will be?




  1. My top 2 are Jessica and Caleb. I fear this week’s theme because half the time Ricky and the band sound like they’re building a shed back there. I can only imagine how loud they’ll be stage front. Yikes!

    • caleb most definitely can front a band. he’s probably the only one who can. and adam!!!!!!!!!!!! we ALL know what he did season 8. since then no one has come close. i’ll be seeing him at mohegan sun this july as madison square garden sold out in under an hour, i heard. and that was the presale!!

      • Jena has been playing in a band for 6 years so I dont understand your comment.If you have time to check her out on U tube,you may have a different opinion.

      • Jena is a REAL artist! Not only does she have a powerful amazing voice but she can play the piano beautifully too and writes her own music. Plus she’s only 17 years old! “Unbreakable me” is a beautiful original song by her. I listen to her every morning when I get ready. Jena is already my American Idol!

  2. I like Caleb too Stormy. But as Earlene said I don’t see anyone this year that knocks me out. It’s been since 2009. But the know out them was the one and only Adam Lambert. Simon said back then he was the best they had ever had. He now tours with Queen.

    • I agree. Adam has the voice and charisma to dominate the band. But this year it seems like Ricky & the band are competing against the singer. That or the acoustics suck.

  3. This will only work if the contestants are not allowed to play their own instruments. That may handicap a few of them that seem to rely on their crutches. Also, this category seems a bit taylor made for Caleb who obviously belongs in front of a heavy metal type band. Majesty Rose or Sam are not band voices. Seems slanted.

  4. Hey George! You have your opinions and I have mine. You think Jena’s so great, well good for you. I think she’s stuck on herself and it’s none of your business if I post or not. Get a life!!!!!!!!

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