James Durbin Prepares For A Familiar Week On American Idol 2012

James Durbin eliminated

James Durbin might have gone on to find lots of success following his time on American Idol, but it seems like he’s still a little miffed that he didn’t walk away with the crown last season. James sat down with MTV to discuss his thoughts on this season and that fateful results show one year ago.

“Oh, I’ll definitely watch this week, because this was the week [last year] when I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m so pumped, I kicked ass, it couldn’t have gone better!’ And then I go into work the next day, and no one’s making eye contact with me,” he laughed. “So that was like, ‘Oh, son of a bitch.’ I knew the moment I got to work that day [that I was going to be eliminated]. But it is what it is. I was happy to make it that far.”

It’s odd to consider how many people in production know the results well before America hears the results, but this isn’t the first time we’ve heard how the tone changes around the set when doom awaits a singer.

When asked for his thoughts on who would win this season James revealed his favorite had already been eliminated: Skylar Laine. In a bit of a dig at the other American Idol 2012 Hopefuls, James explains why she stood out against the crowd. “[Skylar] actually has stage presence. She puts on a show,” James said.

Skylar should take solace in the fact that elimination from American Idol doesn’t mean an exclusion from the music industry. Considering her ambitious plans for the future, she should turn out just fine.

Source: MTV News