American Idol 2009: Is Adam Lambert A Lock To Win? Oddmakers Say So

We may still have a stack of American Idol 2009 performances to go before anyone can be crowned this season’s Idol, but that isn’t stopping bet takers and odds makers from weighing in on the results. The NYP is reporting that the odds for Adam Lambert to win have become [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 8: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

Things are slowly closing in on American Idol 2009. We’re down to the season’s Top 8 performers and this week they’ll be performing songs from the year they were born. This one should be wide open for someone to take the lead. Who do you think it will be? Vote [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 8 – The Week Ahead

After watching Megan Joy eliminated from American Idol 2009 the season’s finalists pool was whittled down to its Top 8. I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s theme of “top downloads” which opened the performers up to more creative options and hopefully they can keep up the pace again this week. Ahead [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 9 Becomes Top 8 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 we saw Megan Joy Corkrey make her overdue exit from the stage. While I don’t blame America I’m still left wondering what I’ll have to look at next Tuesday! Matt Giraud kept himself out of the bottom three this week after being in the [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 9 Elimination Results – April 1, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 9 will be revealed. Stay tuned… American Idol 2009 Top 9 Elimination Results: Megan Joy Corkrey Anoop and Allison joined Megan Joy to round out the bottom three this week but were both safe this week. Did America [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 9 – Elimination Prediction Poll

After the Top 9’s American Idol performances of the “most downloaded songs” several of the singers continued to pull ahead but the real question is: who will be eliminated? DialIdol is showing Megan Joy to be in the most trouble but closely followed by Allison. I’m not surprised by Megan [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 9: Who Will Be The Best This Week? – Poll

It’s go-time for American Idol 2009‘s Top 9 singers to give it their all with “most downloaded” night. I’m really anxious to see what that means, but in the mean time let’s start seeing your support for who will be tonight’s very best. Vote in the poll below and then [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 9 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009, Michael Sarver was eliminated with the fewest votes. Since then he’s told us he’ll never go back to working on the oil rigs and hopes for a big future in music. Sarver wasn’t one of my favorites, but he must have had enough fans [...]

American Idol 2009’s Michael Sarver Says ‘No More Oil Rigs’

Despite being voted off of American Idol 2009 during the Top 10 week, Michael Sarver says he has big plans for the future and those plans do not involve returning to an oil rig anytime soon: “I will not be going back to the oil rig”, Sarver told reporters in [...]

American Idol 2009 Top 10 Becomes Top 9 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 the elimination results were revealed to show that Michael Sarver had earned the fewest votes from America. Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre joined Sarver to make up the Bottom 3 with Giraud being the second lowest vote earner. I was surprised as I thought [...]
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