American Idol 13 Romance: Alex Preston and Jillian Jensen Dating?

We always love a little American Idol romance! From Justin Guarino’s admission he hooked up with Kelly Clarkson to Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo’s epic love story, we can’t help being taken in by rumors of romance on the Idol set!

American Idol 2014 Alex Preston and Jillian Jenson 4

So when we noticed previously eliminated American Idol 2014 contestant Jillian Jensen and current finalist Alex Preston posting a LOT of photos together on Instagram, we had to wonder… are they an item?

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From their mutually adoring posts on Twitter and Instragram, it seems kind of obvious to us that Alex Preston and Jillian Jensen are indeed dating and head over heels. They have both proclaimed love for each other and just in the past few days were exchanging romantic song lyrics.

Sadly for the apparent couple, Jillian has to head back home to Massachusetts to keep pursuing her own musical dreams while Alex continues on as an American Idol 2014 finalist. Both of them expressed their sadness at the separation on their respective Twitter accounts.

It’s not all flowers and moonlight romance, however. Alex and Jillian seem to have quite the healthy sense of humor about their relationship as well. Jillian says on Twitter that she “farted on Alex” and he liked it, and “before that he went to kiss me. And I burped in his mouth.”

Jillian also says her “boyfriend” was convinced when he was younger that he “was going to get an accepatance letter from Hogwarts in the mail and would wait for it everyday.” How cute is that?




    • It’s kind of funny you say that because, if she’s a nobody, what would that make you? Just a thought.

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