Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire – American Idol Performance

Phillip Phillips returned to American Idol tonight to deliver the world premiere of his new single “Raging Fire.”

Phillip Phillips performs "Raging Fire"
Phillip Phillips performs “Raging Fire” – Source: FOX

The recent American Idol winner was excited but nervous to come back on the Idol stage. He described it as going on a date but you already know the girl. Earlier in an interview with Billboard Phillips admitted to disliking the live television aspect of the show, which was of course the springboard of his now huge career.

So what did you think of Phillips’ new single? We’re a big fan of his already and “Raging Fire” didn’t disappoint us on what we’ve come to expect from him. It’s a strong song and if that’s any indicator of the rest of his album then we’re ready to check it out.

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Watch Phillip Phillips’ performance from tonight’s American Idol results show and see what you think!

Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire – American Idol: