American Idol Predictions: 2014 Top 11 – Who Will Make It?

We’re close to discovering the latest American Idol results when the Season 13 Top 12 finalists are whittled down to just 11 contestants moving on to next week’s performance event. One of these talented performers must go home tonight.

Dexter Roberts
Dexter Roberts performs on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Last week we only had a thousand votes in our poll to work with but this week we’ve got over three thousand votes! Thanks to everyone who voted because the more input we get the more accurate we can predict the elimination. And just like last week, I think we’re going to get it right.

So who goes home tonight on American Idol? Let’s run through your votes in our poll for who was the best Top 12 performer!

Holding the top spot by a narrow margin is Malaya Watson. She’s got 14% of the vote which puts her in first place. That’d be an incredible swing from the Bottom 3 last week if it’s accurate and I’m guessing it’s accurate enough to assure her safety this week.

Right behind Malaya is a tie for second with Caleb Johnson and Dexter Roberts. Both had strong performances last night and I’m confident they’re safe this week.

Ranking in the middle we’ve got Sam Woolf (9%), Majesty Rose (9%), CJ Harris (6%), Jena Irene (6%), and Jessica Meuse (6%). Some of those might filter down to the Bottom 3, but I’d be surprised to see any of them go just yet.

Rounding out the Bottom 3 this week in our poll you’ll find MK Nobilette and Ben Briley with 4%, both just below Emily Piriz at 5%. Last week we saw Ben in our poll nearly tied for last place but he managed to stay out of the official Bottom 3. He could do it again this week and just might. So with that in mind I’m hesitant to put the mark of elimination on him.

Instead it’s more likely that we’ll see MK Nobilette eliminated tonight. She’s had a good run and is a great artist, but she’s lingered too long at the bottom of our poll data for the past few weeks so things don’t look good for MK.

American Idol 2014: Top 12 elimination

  • MK Nobilette

Who do you think will be eliminated tonight during the American Idol results show? Join us here for live coverage with updates and spoilers on the latest news throughout the show!




  1. Seriously, your polls mean nothing. Remember how Jessica Sanchez won every poll 2 seasons ago by a long shot and still got voted off in 7th place and had to be saved? The polls on here don’t indicate the rankings accurately at all. Too small of a sample size. Bottom 3 this week will be MK, Emily and either Jena or CJ with one of the first 2 going home.

    • You’re pretty wrong about our polls meaning nothing.

      Our polls have accurately predicted the eliminated singer time and time again.

      One person flying way out ahead in a pack of 10 can still show you who is lagging at the bottom. We’re not using the results here to show who is Top 3, but who is getting the least support.

      But I like that you say our polls mean nothing but then agree with what the polls say will be the results…

      • I said those 3 would be the bottom 3 because I believed it to be true regardless of what the poll says. Although I would now say it was a little harsh to say the poll “means nothing”, I still find it impossible to take the poll at it’s word when Jessica Sanchez can pull more than 50% of the votes in the poll and still come in last in actual votes. I know that was a fluke, but it’s bound to happen at some point in this season as well.

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