Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire – American Idol Performance

Phillip Phillips returned to American Idol tonight to deliver the world premiere of his new single “Raging Fire.”

Phillip Phillips performs "Raging Fire"
Phillip Phillips performs “Raging Fire” – Source: FOX

The recent American Idol winner was excited but nervous to come back on the Idol stage. He described it as going on a date but you already know the girl. Earlier in an interview with Billboard Phillips admitted to disliking the live television aspect of the show, which was of course the springboard of his now huge career.

So what did you think of Phillips’ new single? We’re a big fan of his already and “Raging Fire” didn’t disappoint us on what we’ve come to expect from him. It’s a strong song and if that’s any indicator of the rest of his album then we’re ready to check it out.

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Watch Phillip Phillips’ performance from tonight’s American Idol results show and see what you think!

Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire – American Idol:




  1. He wasn’t the Phillip Phillips that we had grown to love. He appeared high on something. We are disappointed in him.

    • My husband and I thought the exact same thing. He seemed high on something, we just bought tickets to see him on Saturday night too. Hope he’s not high then.

      • Phillip gives his all at each show. You are lucky to have the chance to see him live. He is an amazing performer and no he doesn’t need drugs to perform.

    • I honestly thought the same thing and was dissapointed. I voted for him numerous times when he was a contestant. I do not regret that, but I hope that he realizes how his stage presence on idol was
      lacking. It was as if it were only a favor to be on the show.

  2. We are concerned that he was out of control–what a shame..he was weaving and his eyes were out of focus..

  3. That song was awesome! He’s so good. He also happens to be a bit awkward. I wouldn’t get too caught up in thinking he was high. He really feels it onstage. That coupled with his awkwardness is what you are seeing. Watch Bruce Springsteen perform live. Watch Dave Matthews perform live. Both of those guys are a little awkward too. Phillip has very similar mannerisms. It looks odd if you aren’t used to it. Don’t pass up an opportunity to see Phillip live, him and his band are top notch!

    • It wasn’t his performance as much as his conversation with Ryan Seacrest. Love Him, Love his music, Just hope he’s ok!

    • Tim, I totally agree with you. He has always been uncomfortable talking in front of a live audience. He couldn’t catch his breath after that performance. It was awesome!

  4. I thought he was odd too. His eyes were weird and he had nothing to say to Ryan. I hope it was just stage fright!

  5. What was wrong with him? He was rolling his eyes and acting so strange!!! He really acted strung out or something????

  6. i searched the internet to see if critics thought he was on something. Not for once did I think that he would plunge down that road like so many artists do. But being a nurse, I was looking at his pupils and he was ON something. Very sad.

    • hope you don’t work around here being a nurse. I think you should reconsider your job. If you were a good nurse you would not spread around something you are not 100% sure of and if you
      think you were100% right and don’t know all the facts that makes you dangerous.

  7. saw him live with Matchbox Twenty-he came out scruffy and in his slippers…sang ok but didn’t interact with anyone, later caused a stir because the waitresses wouldn’t keep serving him at the bar! bad form and horrible impression

  8. Our 10 year old son brought this to my attention after his performance, my son as well as myself pray he is not doing any drugs, he’s a talented young man with a big future! #HIS BIGGEST FANS

  9. I totally agree! He was definitely on something! I’m so sad cause the performance was impeccable but he was definitely high on something.

  10. Poor thing I really liked him but it was obvious by his mouth and eye movement that he was HIGH and Ryan new that too.

  11. I thought the song was great !! Another hit for Phillips. I Hope he is okay too !! Too great a talent to lose. It must be overwhelming to rise to the top so fast. I hope he can hang onto what made him so popular and why we all voted for him. Hang in there !!

  12. Phillip is much like Jena in that he has a distinct sound and stays spot on. However, the judges would have to nail him on his stage presence “only”-like Jena.

  13. I was never a huge fan of Phillip Phillips but I thought the song and his performance was fantastic. I am now a fan

  14. If you are a true fan of Phillips then you would know that this IS him his adrenaline was really following and I love this song !! If you get to see him live GO he really delivers a get show 😀

  15. I went to High School with the guy and knew him quite well. The fact that you are insinuating that he was high on something is an absolute joke. He doesn’t need drugs to do what he loves best. He simply gets lost in his music as we all do when we listen to music. The only difference is that he made it to the top and can now share the gift that God has instilled within him.

  16. Phillips had a habit of always singing with h is eyes closed, loved h is voice but the closed eyes were distracting. Now after the year or more of entertaining and singing and some very good advise I am sure….his eyes are open, exkpressive, and he moves better…..I en joyed his performance on Am. Idol very, very much last night. spending time in Brazil with Springsteen and John Mayer was really good for him….I am sure he is learning alot.Hew is better than ever…….

  17. I don’t think he was high on any thing. He is a great singer. He looked tired to me.Phillip has been on the road the last year doing shows. He needs more sleep

  18. He toured with John Mayer, maybe John had a bad influence on him. I was uncomfortable watching him on Idol & after singing he could not answer Ryan coherently. Hollywood always turns a blind eye on drug use. Bizarre.

    • He was clearly on somethjng and it was uncomfortable to watch. His eyes kept rolling back – it was strange. I’m naive so if you didn’t notice replay it- it was scary – I hope he will be okay.

  19. Did you guys not see where Ryan was talking to him at the end of the performance and phillips jaw was cocking to one side? And yes the eye rolling. Definitely high, and I don’t think it was just on adrenaline…

  20. When Ryan Seacrest was speaking, Phillip’s jaw was moving the way meth heads’ do. I am normally never able to spot even the most obvious people on drugs but he definitely was.

  21. The only people who don’t know he was high are the people who have never done drugs. I love him, huge fan but that guy was higher then high! All the best of luck don’t ruin an amazing opportunity you deserve, it’s not worth it!

  22. I completely agree with most of you – he was definitely high on something! I thought his performance was fantastic but became really awkward when him and Ryan began speaking. His jaw was tweaking and his eyes never focused on anything for longer than a couple seconds. I love this guy – and I truly hope he’s ok. He has always been a live performer so it couldn’t have been the nerves. I really hope it’s not true!

    • Amen.. somebody finally said it. The only people who don’t think Phillip was high are those who’ve never been around drug users.. I saw him perform on John Mayer’s tour and over a dozen times on idol. We’ve all seen awkward and adrenaline hyped Phil.. this was doped up Phil. Sorry guys, I love him to, but it is what it is.

  23. He has had medical problems in the past, it looks more like atypical absent seizure than some one on drugs!!

  24. He CANT sing if his life depended on it. One note, one octave and the most peculiar faces I have ever seen. One of the luckiest contestants on earth.

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