American Idol 2014 Top 11 Elimination Results [VIDEOS]

Before the show even began, we suspected we already knew who got voted off American Idol 2014 tonight. However, the voters have been known to surprise us before! So there was always the chance our prediction would be wrong about who would go to the American Idol Top 11, and who would end up going home.

Sam Woolf

Based on her bottom three placement last week, and her tied-for-last ranking in our reader’s poll this week, we predicted MK Nobilette would go home in the American Idol results show on Thursday night. She has been struggling since she was named as a finalist and her performance last night did not redeem her very much in the eyes of the viewers.

We were also pretty sure American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. would not use their one save to keep MK from getting kicked off, even though they obviously like her as a contestant. Even if it wasn’t MK Nobilette who ended up last in the votes, we didn’t think the judges would use the save anyway since it’s not even the Top 10 yet.

Who was eliminated by the voters in week 2 of the finals? Which contestants moved on to the American Idol 2014 Top 11 finalists? How fabulously awesome was former winner Phillip Phillips? All the answers and more in our recap of the results show below!

To kick off the show tonight, we have a video montage of the American Idol Top 12 singing along to “Home” by former winner Phillip Phillips.

Host Ryan Seacrest says over 70 million votes came in last night for the contestants. Not bad, but it’s a different kind of number this year with the voting limitations.

The American Idol judges shake hands with the audience as they come in before taking a seat. Keith Urban finds a bowl of gummy bears at the table and Harry proceeds to fling gummy bears at the audience.

In case you don’t already know, we’ll be having guest performances tonight, including former winner Phillip Phillips with his new single “Raging Fire.”

Now we have another video montage reviewing last night’s performances, and then watch the contestants sitting around eating and going over their critiques. Then it’s over to the judges again and mentor Randy Jackson talking about whether or not the judges were really harsh last night. (Not really.)

Harry says he was not hired as a mentor and he has  a very short amount of time to give the information that he thinks will help the contestants grow. He doesn’t need to tell them how great they are. He has to think about what he can tell them that will help them grow.

OMG MK took off her hat! Sorry, just had to note that. And Jennifer Lopez is wearing crazy, crazy red lipstick.

American Idol Judges Jennifer Lopez

Harry is continuing to take all the air time by rambling about why he has to be critical and how the contestants need to really tap into what makes them unique and special. This leads into a video from Drew Brees telling Harry to keep on having fun up there because he’ll be watching. Which launches Harry into more rambling again.

Finally, we get to some results!

First to face their results are Emily, Ben, Jessica, and Sam. We go through their performances and critiques a bit from last night, and then host Ryan Seacrest announces Emily Piriz is in the bottom three. The other three are safe!

Back from break and Keith Urban tells a story about painting his band name on his family’s garage door as a kid. We can totally see that. Then it’s on to a catch-up with former American Idol winner Phillip Phillip, who is currently working on his sophomore album.

Phillip Phillips takes the stage to perform his new single “Raging Fire” and honestly, we don’t love it quite so much as “Home” or “Gone, Gone, Gone.” The song is a little repetitive of his earlier hits and his voice sounds a little scratchy. Still, it’s a good song, he ramps it up at the end, and we just always love Phillips, so all good!

Up next to find out their results are Jena Irene, Dexter, Majesty Rose, and Alex Preston. Ryan announces that Dexter is safe, Majesty is safe, Alex is safe… and then he confuses and terrifies the heck out of Alex by saying the results all wrong like Alex is in danger… when it is actually Jena Irene in the bottom three. Wait, what? We did NOT see that coming!

Now we have a band from across the pond called Kodaline. They are a group from Ireland that Randy Jackson wanted to have on the show. We kind of like them, but they are really emo guy music… and we’ve heard a lot of music like it before. Um, and apparently former American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle agrees with us on Twitter, because she thinks the song sounds like “Home” by Phillip Phillips.

Back from another commercial and we have a little video about J-Lo and a song she liked form her childhood. Yada, yada, yada, let’s get to more results!

MK, Malaya, CJ, and Caleb are the next finalists to learn their fate tonight. We are pretty sure MK will end up in the bottom three. Ryan Seacrest announces that Caleb, CJ… and… Malaya are safe. MK is indeed in the bottom three.

And now the real tension begins as we learns which one of the bottom three will have to sing for their life and hope for the judges save…

Jena Irene is safe! And, what? Wow, we were totally wrong about this one and so was our reader’s poll… MK Nobilette is also safe! That leaves Emily Piriz as the person with the lowest number of votes.

We do not think the judges will save Emily tonight no matter how good her “sing for your life” performance is. And the answer is no, she will be going home tonight!

Next week, the American Idol 2014 Top 11 will sing “Songs from the Cinema” for their theme. We can’t wait! Hopefully there will be some big, powerful, wow moment songs to enjoy.




  1. These are the worst set of judges, in my opinion. Also, Harry, like every year states this is the best group since season one. Get real and be honest. I like some of the contestants, but I will have to say that I think this is the weakest group they have had. There were much better contestants who did not make the cut, in my opinion.

  2. Malaya should have gone home – she was terrible – just screaming her song!

  3. Caleb has GOT to go…Screaming “one trick pony” has a great voice but couldn’t sing a ballad to save his life….

  4. I think America got it wrong last night Emily should not have gone home you judges have liked her from the beginning she sang great last night and you judges have givin her great complements all along you judges were wrong not to use your save for her I’m not happy with u judges I hope you see this

  5. I believe it was just plain WRONG to send Emily home last night. She has one of the best singing voices of the 12 contestants. In my opinoin, the American people should not be voting this early in the competition. I believe it should be left up to the judges until they are down to at least 6 contestants. As it is now, it seems more like a popularity contest than a singing talent competition.

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