American Idol Judges: How Harry Connick Jr. Saved Season 13

Harry goofs around at Idol 2014 auditions
The fans and critics seem to agree, American Idol 2014 judges Harry Connick Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez are the best panel the show has had in many seasons. The real star behind the judges’ table, however, is unquestionably new arrival Harry Connick Jr. We’ve had wacky American Idol judges before. [...]

American Idol Top 10 Best Auditions Of All Time [VIDEOS]

The American Idol 2014 auditions have wrapped up and we’re moving on to Hollywood Week, but it got us thinking about past auditions and we decided to put together a list of some of the best auditions from the past 12 seasons. 10. Elliott Yamin, “A Song For You” (Season [...]

American Idol 2014: What Performances Air This Week? February 5-6, 2014

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American Idol Judges Season 13
The American Idol 2014 journey continues this week on FOX when the Golden Ticket holders head to Hollywood. But don’t settle in just yet, Hopefuls. American Idol has a surprise for the singers that will cut the journey short for many of them. Judges Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez, and [...]

American Idol 2014: Best Omaha Auditions [VIDEOS]

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Christopher Jones American Idol 2014 Audition - Source: FOX
The American Idol 2014 auditions kind of went out with a bit of a whimper from Omaha on Thursday night. American Idol spoilers tell us that many of the singers we saw from Omaha will not survive Hollywood Week. Honestly, we don’t think most of them should. However, there were [...]

American Idol Ratings: 2014 Season 13 Auditions Week 3

Harry Connick Jr and CJ Jones
American Idol Season 13 pressed on with its final week of auditions, but was the talent enough to bring in the ratings? Wednesday night’s trip to Salt Lake City for the American Idol judges drew in 12.7 million viewers and won the night for FOX. Overall the episode was down [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Season 13 Top 31 Contestants! [VIDEOS]

American Idol Judges 2014 2
Warning! Huge American Idol 2014 spoilers coming up in this post! The auditions are officially over and Hollywood Week looms on the horizon, but thanks to leaks from behind the scenes, we already know who will survive! If you can’t wait to find out who makes it to the Top 31 contestants, [...]

Andrina Brogden American Idol Season 13 Audition [VIDEO]

Andrina Brogden
Before we even saw her American Idol audition, Andrina Brogden was already on our radar as one of the potential Top 12 contestants for season 13. From pre-season American Idol spoilers from The Idol Pad, we knew Andrina would be auditioning in Omaha, Nebraska and we quickly tracked her down [...]

American Idol 2014: Season 13 Omaha Auditions Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 Auditions Omaha Nebraska (23)
American Idol auditions wrap up tonight for season 13 in Omaha, Nebraska. We’re kind of sad they are over because it’s been such a fun ride. However, we know from American Idol spoilers for Hollywood Week that the talent is only going to get better from here! Plus, we can’t wait to see American Idol judges Harry [...]

American Idol 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Tessa Kate Go On Season 13?

The American Idol 2014 audition process came to a close Thursday night in Omaha and several more standouts were found and sent on to Hollywood. Among those lucky hopefuls was Tessa Kate. Her version of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” wowed the judges and got her that golden ticket to [...]

American Idol 2014 Spoilers: How Far Does Andrina Brogden Make It On Season 13?

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The American Idol 2014 auditions concluded Thursday night as the final golden tickets were handed out in Omaha, Nebraska. Among those getting a golden ticket was Andrina Brogden. And the internet seems very interested in her after her audition to Beyonce’s “Halo.” So people are starting to wonder how far [...]

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