American Idol 2014 Auditions: Boston Best Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 auditions in Boston
Part one of the American Idol season 13 premiere kicked off with the season 13 Boston auditions on January 15. We saw some seriously terrific talent in Beantown, and the new American Idol 2014 judges were in rare form! We are happy to report that all that chemistry that seemed [...]

American Idol XIII 2014 Ratings – Premiere Night Falls

American Idol Austin Auditions 28
Last night’s American Idol XIII premiere was hands-down a huge improvement on what we’ve seen in the past several years, but was it enough to overcome those previous shortcomings and bring the audiences in? According to the overnight numbers, no, it wasn’t a great night for American Idol 2014. Audience [...]

American Idol Spoilers: Season 13 Twists & Changes — Full Rundown

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American Idol 2014
American Idol 2014 kicked off Wednesday night and we’ve already seen some changes. Of course some of the changes are obvious and some are subtle. And, as you’ll see from our American Idol spoilers below, there are plenty more twists and new tweaks to the show we’ve yet to see. [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2014 Season 13: Premiere Auditions Continue

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American Idol Season 13 auditions continue
American Idol is back tonight with another round of Season 13 auditions when the new judges head back for more fun in Austin and then across the country to San Francisco. Tonight’s American Idol 2014 show will run two full hours and has the bar set high after last night’s [...]

American Idol 2014 Premiere Recap: Season Gets Off To A Fun Start

Jillian Jensen American Idol 2014 - Source: FOX
American Idol 2014 kicked off Wednesday night with auditions in Boston and Austin. So we got our first look at the new judging panel and the potential talent from the season. And I have to say, I’m impressed. Sure the talent is there, but I really like the chemistry between [...]

American Idol 2014 Auditions: Harry Connick Jr. Cradling Idol Hopeful Munfarid Zaidi

Harry Connick Jr cradling Munfraid Zaidi
After an American Idol 2014 night of hearing from so many singers how Jennifer Lopez was their favorite it was nice to see Harry Connick Jr. cradle a little attention too! American Idol audition Hopeful Munfarid Zaidi, a 19 year old student from Texas, let it be known that he [...]

American Idol 2014 Premiere: Boston & Austin Auditions Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol Austin Auditions 10
The American Idol 2014 premiere is finally here and we had an amazing night of performances! All the American Idol spoilers and sneak peeks for season 13 left us giddy with anticipation for the new year and the premiere did not disappoint! Finally, it looks like American Idol season 13 is [...]

American Idol 2014 – What Is ‘The Chamber’?

Marrialle Sellars gets the green light
American Idol 2014 introduces “The Chamber” this season as a new twist on the season 13 audition process. Will the new spin entertain us or just stress out the singers? Who are we kidding? Probably both! American Idol host Ryan Seacrest introduced the new addition to the audition saying that [...]

American Idol 2014 Season 13 Premiere Tonight on FOX!

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American Idol 2014 auditions in Boston
Update: Read our live recap of tonight’s American Idol premiere! Tonight on FOX the American Idol 2014 premiere arrives when the debut of new judges, new singers, and a new season! American Idol‘s 13th season brings back Keith Urban plus the return of Jennifer Lopez and the introduction of the [...]

T. K. Hash American Idol 2014 Audition Video Sneak Peek

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T. K. Hash American Idol 2014
The first thing the American Idol judges want to know about season 13 contestant T. K. Hash is whether or not anyone ever tells him that he kind of resembles President Barack Obama. This immediately prompts T. K. to offer up his quite amusing impression of the Commander in Chief, [...]

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