American Idol 2016 Top 3 Power Rankings

It’s American Idol 2016 finale week (and how) so that means it’s our last official Power Rankings.


We said goodbye to MacKenzie Bourg last week, so that leaves us with Trent Harmon, La’Porsha Renae and Dalton Rapattoni. And if you’ve been following any of this season, it should come as no surprise that this is also the order of our final power rankings. So let’s get to it.

American Idol 2016 Top 3 Power Rankings

American Idol 2016 Finalist Trent Harmon (FOX)

1. Trent Harmon. Like the majority of this season, Trent comes in at No. 1 in our Power Rankings. Not only were his performances last week all great song choices, the vocals were top-notch and he looked the part of Idol star. He also continues to dominate our poll with 54.03 percent of the vote. And over on Twitter, he’s at 43,000 followers, sure to reach 50,000 by finale night. Also, other bloggers are finally starting to see what I saw MONTHS ago in Trent when I predicted he’d win this season.

AMERICAN IDOL: Top 10: La’Porsha Renae. Cr: Fox / © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

2. La’Porsha Renae. It’s hard to put someone as fantastic as La’Porsha in second place of anything, but that’s how this is all leaning. She had great vocals last week, but her song choices weren’t right. She admitted to not believing the songs (and rightly so), so it’s not her fault that she wasn’t as connected to the songs as she could have been. She maintains second place in our polls with 31.41 percent of the vote while she’s reached 40K followers on Twitter.

American Idol 2016 Finalist Dalton Rapattoni (FOX)

3. Dalton Rapattoni. Dalton had a good moment last week and gained some steam from his week in the bottom two the previous week, but he’s still bombing in our polls with only 14.56 percent of the vote. Despite his Twitter following of over 140K, he just isn’t as good as the other two singers and this is where he should finish in our rankings and this season of Idol if I’m being frank.

How would you rank the final 3 of American Idol 2016?





  1. The blog really gives Dalton a bad grade each week and I don’t understand that. All 3 performers are talented. Each one has their own uniqueness. As far as 1 performer that seems to have it all, I would have to pick Dalton. Not only does he know how to perform, he rearranges the music (which isn’t easy to do) put his own stamp or “Daltonizes” it and he tries new things. The other 2 singers pick the same type of songs each week. Our family really looks forward to what is Dalton going to do this week! Way to go Dalton!

      • I agree with you too
        I am Sonika and Olivia fans joined Dalton Team
        This site is too pro with Trent..
        I hate to see this
        I still haven’t find something in Trent
        But Dalton has everything that singer world needs. He was a great performance
        I type this and I am crying because I really love see how his perform not his looks. Because I have my own and my best husband in my life
        If I could choose, Dalton and La Porsha for top 2

  2. I so badly want Dalton to win. My family so enjoys his voice and performances. But mostly I want all you vocal gymnastics bloggers to cry in your soup.

    • I agree! Trent is by far the best singer of the entire season. He sings so many different types of songs and makes them his own every time. He deserves this!!

  3. These polls don’t mean all that much. Not everyone votes on them, so I never base my own predictions off of what any poll is stating.

    • Keep in mind we have over 10,000 votes in the polls and they’ve been far more right than wrong. Even more accurate than Bing’s supposedly highly accurate predictions. While not official, they are a strong signal.

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