American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 16

I am basing my opinion on last week’s American Idol 2010 performances only and have not taken into account previous acts. See if you agree with my views. 1.  Big Mike – He showed the best singing skills of the week and if he sticks to this soulful sound instead [...]

American Idol 2010: Did the Top 10 Girls Step it Up?

Overall the girls did NOT do as good as the guys for week 2 of American Idol season 9.  The judges were almost as bad as the singers with their negativity and contradictory statements which Simon admitted too.  The judges picked the singers for their looks, background stories and lastly their [...]

American Idol 2010: The Top Ten Guys Perform

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as the Top Ten guys performed so much better for week 2 of American Idol Season 9. Idol pulled a switcheroo on us and the guys performed tonight because Crystal Bowersox was taken to the hospital this morning due to an [...]

American Idol 2010: The Top 20

Here we go again… Another 5 hours of American Idol this week and hopefully the contestants have gotten over the first night jitters and are more comfortable with the stage.  I am NOT expecting a repeat performance of last week. First up is the girls and they perform Tuesday on FOX.  [...]

American Idol 2010: The Results Are In

It was our first results show for American Idol Season 9 and I’m a little surprised with the two guys who were voted out.  What a shame for Tyler Grady who sang “American Woman”.  It might not have been his best vocal performance but he deserved another chance.  I loved his [...]

American Idol 2010: Countdown to the Top 24

Hey American Idol fans!  This week we finally get the official word from FOX on who exactly is in the TOP 24.  Tomorrow night we have two hours of round 3 and Wednesday the 24 are chosen.  Finally, the end of auditions and the narrowing down of contestants is in sight [...]

American Idol Season 9 Group Round Recap

The dreaded group round of American Idol is over and a couple of my early favorites were sent home.  I loved Matt Lawrence during the auditions but his group chose the wrong song in “Sweet Escape” and none of them were able to continue in the competition. Ben Honeycutt’s group, [...]

American Idol 2010: Hollywood Week Has Finally Arrived

I am soooo happy we finally made it to Hollywood for season 9 of American Idol!  It seemed to me that the audition process went on much longer than 3 weeks.  We got to see some amazing talent last night and of course the judging debut of one Ellen DeGeneres.  [...]

American Idol 2010 “Road to Hollywood” Episode Hits Dead End

The “Road to Hollywood” episode for American Idol Season 9 felt to me like they just needed to fill an hour of time and threw this together.  It griped me that for the first half hour it was all Victoria again.  We saw brief peeks at the other guest judges [...]

American Idol 2010 Denver Auditions Recap

Our American Idol 2010 auditions have come to an end and once again guest judge Victoria Beckham judges more on the contestants looks then their vocal ability.  I was hoping for a better showing from her but I was left feeling disappointed.  First up was Mark, the Jack Black look [...]

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