Jimmy Iovine Reflects On American Idol 2013 Top 5

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol
Jimmy Iovine was back this week on American Idol with another look at the Top 5 performances. I was glad to see FOX doing everything they can to increase Jimmy’s involvement by injecting clips of him during Wednesday’s live show as he discussed the songs backstage. Check out the videos [...]

American Idol 2013 Results: Top 5 Elimination Night

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest
The American Idol 2013 results tonight for the Top 5 facing elimination after last night’s performances will surely be an exciting event. It’s the first time we’ll lose a female finalist this season and while we predicted it’d be Janelle Arthur we’re now hearing from Nick Minaj that these results [...]

American Idol Season 12 Top 5 Take On Another Ford Fiesta Mission – “Celebrity Scavenger Hunt”

American Idol Top 5 & JP
The American Idol Season 12 finalists have an incredibly busy schedule each week and barely find time to sleep, but despite all that work they still manage to squeeze in their weekly Ford Fiesta mission adventure. Last week we got a fun Q&A from Deena and the Top 6. This [...]

Will Judges Save Be Used Tonight On American Idol 2013?

American Idol Judges
American Idol last night featured an all-girls lineup now that the boys are gone which means for the first time this season a female finalist will be forced to sing for her Idol life. That also means the judges may actually decided to use it. We had long suspected the [...]

American Idol 2013 Elimination Predictions: Top 5 Edition

We’ve made our American Idol predictions for tonight’s Top 5 results show, but what are you all expecting to happen? Let’s take a look at our weekly performance poll and see which Season 12 Hopefuls are getting the least love when it comes to your votes. Based on your votes, [...]

American Idol Results Show Tonight – Season 12 Top 5 Elimination – Update

American Idol judges
Tonight on American Idol Season 12 the Top 5 will face another elimination in the first ever round featuring five females. We’re at the last chance for the Judges Save to see some action, so don’t be surprised if everyone scoots to safety by the end of the night. Accompanying [...]

Janelle Arthur Performs On American Idol 2013 Top 5 (VIDEOS)

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Janelle Arthur on American Idol
We’ve deemed Janelle Arthur to be in danger on tonight’s American Idol results show and last night’s performances didn’t do much to convince us otherwise. She’s a great performer and very entertaining, but Janelle faces steep competition from the other ladies and we’re not sure she can overcome that barrier. [...]

Angie Miller Performs ‘I’ll Stand By You’ On American Idol 2013

Last night on American Idol 2013, Angie Miller and the other four girls in the Top 5 wowed the judges and fans once again with their performances. The girls took on two themes — Divas and songs from the year they were born. Angie solidified her spot in the Top [...]

American Idol 2013: Amber Holcomb Top 5 Performances (VIDEO)

Amber Holcomb on American Idol
Amber Holcomb came out swinging on American Idol 2013 last night. She’s fighting for her life in the competition and after multiple trips to the bottom rings it seems she may be in danger. Amber had two chances to impress the judges and the crowds this week for her Top [...]

American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Sings ‘Have You Ever Been In Love’

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Kree Harrison took on Celine Dion last night on American Idol 2013 for one of her two songs. And as always, she gave it her all and impressed the judges and her fans. She might have been bested by Candace Glover and Angie Miller for the night, but Kree is [...]

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