Who Wins American Idol 2014? American Idol Betting Odds Say…

Who wins American Idol 2014 according to the Las Vegas betting odds? Will it be rocker Caleb Johnson or Wild Card Jena Irene Ascuitto who comes out on top in the American Idol season 13 finale? Right now the race is so tight, it is really too close to call but one of the Top 2 finalists does appear to have a slight edge.

American Idol Top 2 Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene

When the final American Idol results come in on Wednesday, there are going to be whole lot of people who are going to lose money on this one. Unlike some previous years, there is no real obvious American Idol winner going into the finale this week. Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Ascuitto have both been at the top of the pack throughout the finals. They have also both been listed as favored to win in the American Idol betting odds back and forth over the weeks. Although, we do note that Jena has nabbed the top spot in the odds for the last three weeks or so.

Of course, this week is the one that really counts. Who wins American Idol 2014 according to the current odds from Las Vegas? Well, right now it looks like Jena Irene actually has a bit of a lead over Caleb Johnson. In the most recent odds for who will American Idol season 13, she is holding at 4/7, while Caleb is lagging a tiny bit behind at 5/4. That’s not a big difference, however, and we still have one more huge performance show to go on Tuesday night.

So far this year, the American Idol betting odds have been reasonably accurate in who would probably be eliminated next, but not always! There were several big eliminations during the finals that the odds were totally wrong about. So just because Jena is ahead right now in the odds, doesn’t mean Caleb might not come out on top as the American Idol 2014 winner anyway!