Who Is Going Home on American Idol Tonight? 5/21/2014

This is it, the final American Idol results show for 2014! Who is going home tonight on American Idol season 13 in the last vote of the year? The race between Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson is almost too close to call. That doesn’t mean, however, that we aren’t going to make one last American Idol predictions post about who will end up as the season 13 winner!


* UPDATE: Find out who won American Idol 2014 in our recap of the final results show!

If you go solely by the most recent American Idol betting odds, the person who is likely going home as the loser tonight would be rocker Caleb Johnson. Jena Irene Ascuitto has been leading in the American Idol Las Vegas betting odds for the past four weeks. However, we know from past seasons that being first in the odds doesn’t always mean you are the guaranteed American Idol winner.

We often look to our readers to judge the temperature of who is likely to go home next on American Idol and they are very often correct. But our last two fan polls gave us rather conflicting results. When we asked who you wanted to win last week, the clear answer with 52 percent of the vote was Caleb Johnson. However, in our poll on who had the best performances on American Idol last night, and Jena Irene is currently in the lead with 51 percent of the vote.

Jena and Caleb have pretty much switched back and forth at the top of many of our fan polls throughout that season. That seems to be true on just about every fan site we visit as well. So what other method can we use to determine who will win American Idol tonight? Well, we thought we’d take a look at social media and see if that would provide us with the answer.

On Twitter, Jena has over 53k followers compared to just 38.5k for Caleb. But on Facebook, Caleb’s page has over 70.5k likes, while Jena Irene’s only has 58.2k likes. Well, that pretty much gives us no good clue at all on who will win if you average those two statistics out!

So who will win American Idol tonight and take home the season 13 crown? Weighing all the fan polls, the betting odds, the social media stats… we’re going to have to give a tiny edge at this point to… Jena Irene Ascuitto!

However, we don’t think it would be a shock at all if we turned out to be wrong and Caleb Johnson nabbed the win. Especially since 10 of the past 12 winners of American Idol have been from the South. Caleb is from Asheville, NC, while Jena Irene is from Farmington Hills, MI.




  1. I have been looking at Idol analytics for a while now and for the past three weeks Caleb has been in the bottom, It dose state it’s 87 per cent accurate. within a margin of error +/3% .. not safe probability of just 0.25. Dialidol raw numbers seems to favor Jena, but yet I have noticed something, when you look at Candice raw numbers Kree had the highest votes but you would not think so if you look at the Dialidol score… 🙂 .. I believe Caleb Johnson is our new American Idol

  2. Wearing the crown has “not’ done much for some (ex. Lee Dewyze & Candice glover) but it’s still significantly gives the winner a bigger first out the blocks boost! Jena is a more “versatile” singer, therefore I give her the edge-even though she had only one of three hands on the piano performances (her forte). As for her debut single, I believe that a “Creep”
    type song would have been better. On the piano and dark, haunting type of songs are Jena’s “FORTE”!

  3. A lot of it comes down to who has which demographics. Caleb has brought in a different, and likely older, fan group…people who either remember or appreciate harder rock over pop, While my guess is Jena’s fan base is likely mostly the teen/young adult demographic….That being said, I think Caleb also has his share of teen/young adult fan girls, who can definitely be a force to be reckoned with! In the end, I think that it will come down to which groups of fans are more likely to vote enthusiastically for their ‘Idol’ more than who is really the ‘best’ as a musician. I also know that Asheville, Caleb’s hometown, is a major voting force when there is something they want to stand behind, they vote as a big community…(Hence why Asheville was voted “Beer City USA” 4 years running…

    In the end though, they are both winners, and likely to have a big boost to their careers no matter what the final vote is.

  4. Jena Irene is just out right talented. I am impressed how she plays the GRAND PIANO and SING the way she does plus, she is much more versatile than Caleb.

    • I would not say Jean is “so much more versatile than Caleb”. But, I will say whenever she gets behind a piano and sings a stripped down version of a song … It is like Jena’s own cyripiite against Superman performer, Caleb.

  5. The winner was decided in December by the producers. They strategically plan out the whole show from the audition process forward. It has everything to do with getting viewers, telling the judges who to favor and not favor..the voting does not determine the winner..it simply acts as a guideline for the producers along the way as to how to manipulate the judges comments in order to influence the public’s views.

  6. Caleb should win , he has been consistent every time. However, rockers never seem to win , middle america prefers the nice sweet person

    ‘jena is sweet but cannot sing softly, she can only scream!! I and my friends would not but this kind of record. I thought Jessica was a better singer but she had a attitude issue. Young girls seem to like the screaming so most would vote for Jena, rockers usually do not watch this kind of show.

  7. It is so upsetting that the whole show is completely rigged..and the voting means nothing..these shows are all fixed..

  8. Here is my personal review on all the performances on the final this week. Remember, none of my reviews is based on who is the most humble or even who I like the best:

    Producers pick:

    Jena’s “dog days” was rough and boring at first. I was almost ready to give up on it. But, about half way through, I somehow found myself liking it a lot. Grade -A-

    Caleb’s “Dream On” was a great performance. Not his best and not as good as I thought he do with it. But to me, it seems Caleb can do wonders with any rock song, even if he is not at his best. Grade- A

    Fan’s Favorite:

    Caleb’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” was always my favorite song performed by him. It is a very emotional song with just the right amount lower register and soaring high notes to make the song shine. And he did not disappoint. Grade- A

    Jena’s “Can’t help falling in Love” is a beautiful, striped down, emotional song. There is something about it that touches my soul like no other song this entire season. Grade -A+

    Potential first single (coronation song):

    I have always hated this category, as they almost always end up sounding like a song I would turn off the very second I heard it on the radio. The only exception to this, for me ever on AI, was when Phillip Phillip’s sang “Home”. And that was a song written by and for someone else originally. So, I am not sure it should even count.

    Jena’s “We are the One” was the typical, bland, boring coronation material I have come to expect on American Idol over the years. All 3 judges looked as bored as I was, when it was being performed. Even though they made sure they each did the mandatory clap after the performance was over. Grade -C

    Caleb’s coronation song “As long as you love me” actually started out good for me. And had me thinking we might have something here, for once. But, after a minute of it, I was bored, unimpressed and ready to turn it off. Grade- C+


    Overall Grade – This one is to close to call for me. If I was hard pressed to put a grade on, I would give it to Caleb by the thinnest of margins.

  9. I have made this comment several different places, and have not gotten any replies. Thought I would try here. Did anyone else have a problem getting through to vote? I tried many times after the show closed only to get a busy signal. I’m not stupid enough to think my 50 votes would make a difference, but a number of people getting cut out of voting could make a difference. So, again, did anyone else get a busy signal every time you called?

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